During my walk this morning along the “American Tobacco Trail” (23-miles of old railroad bed our community in North Carolina has turned into an amazing walking & riding path), I came upon a young family.

Dad was pushing their youngest in a running-stroller while Mom walked alongside their daughter. I’m guessing about 3-years-old, she was riding her bike. The bike had training wheels.

While training wheels help a new bike rider balance, they also tend to give the bike a mind of its own. Remember? I sure do.

Well apparently the bike decided to veer toward the weeds and shallow ditch bordering the path. The girl bailed before the bike left the path.

She wasn’t hurt, but obviously shaken.

Aware of what happened, Dad stopped and turned around to make sure she was okay.

As Mom pulled the bike upright and back onto the pathway, Dad encouraged his daughter to get back on her bike with a simple cheer, “C’mon, you got this!”

He then turned and continued pushing the stroller to lead the way.

The young girl wasn’t so quickly optimistic. She scowled at the bike, rubbed her backside, and stood her ground, not at all convinced “she had this.”

Mom got on her knees, down to her daughter’s height, acknowledged her fear, and gently talked her daughter back onto her bike.

It’s amazing what lessons and examples lay before us when we take time to pay attention.

You’ve gotta love Dads.
You’ve gotta love Moms.

My immediate thought? “How lucky this little girl is to have two cheerleaders in her life- people who believe in her, no matter what.”

My second thought? To get back to my laptop and share this story with you, visit https://abetterwayinhomecare.com.

As adults, cheerleaders, coaches & mentors are often not readily obvious. Especially when we seem to be veering into the weeds.

So just in case you need an ‘atta girl’ or ‘atta boy’ today, here you go….

You got this!

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