What if there was a way to rapidly grow worker engagement, accountability, and ownership from the inside out (while also elevating morale)?

  • The safe, reliable, economical, and environmentally sound production and transmission of electricity is vital to the nation’s economy, as well as to national security.
  • Billions of dollars have been spent by power companies in an effort to improve reliability and reduce errors that cause injury, asset damage, and result in unplanned consumer outages. In spite of this, safety in the power industry has plateaued, while unplanned outages continue to rise.
  • Burgeoning challenges are facing every aspect of the power industry. As a member of this vital community, no one knows better than you.

​Consider this:

In 2014....

  • 221 forced plant outages occurred
  • 134 Unplanned Customer Outages occurred
  • Inefficiency and rework caused by human error cost the industry $441 Million
  • Worker injuries and fatalities (95% of which involved human error) cost $926 Million


Many organizations within the power industry have fallen into the trap of spending LOTS of money on ‘tool kits’, databases, coaching programs, and/or additional means for pushing workers toward compliance. Such efforts tend to get wrapped with the label, “human performance."

Wrong label. Wrong approach.

If you or your organization has initiated such efforts, you already know that, at best, they produce marginal results, are expensive, and…any performance improvement achieved is rarely (if ever) sustainable.


These mechanistic programs totally miss what “human performance” is truly all about.

What is “human performance”?

“Human Performance” is simply: “why we do what we do the way we do it.”

Pretty simple, huh?

The thing is…

  • HOW to influence workers (at all levels) to do the right things for the right reasons (even when no one else is watching), can be very complex and overwhelming.
  • HOW to encourage and engage, in spite of all of the external challenges being ‘piled on’ can seem unmanageable.
  • HOW to help engineers, operators, technicians, and maintenance staff regain the pride, enthusiasm, and sense of purpose that brought them to the power industry in the first place can seem impossible.

That is…until now.

The Practicing Perfection® approach for enhancing human performance within Law Enforcement directly targets and leverages the intrinsic aspects of human nature; those positive internal elements that bring out the best in people- from the most senior, to the most experienced, to the brand new rookies.

                                                                   The results of such a focus?

  • Heightened sense of pride and ownership
  • Rejuvenated passion and dedication
  • Greater awareness and resolve
  • Fewer errors and mishaps
  • Greater accuracy, resiliency, and efficiency

Practicing Perfection® directly targets the human side of the ever-increasing challenges faced by power industry professionals. It provides leaders, supervisors, and team members with simple tangible insights and tools that:

  • expand context,
  • increase awareness
  • promote functioning as “one team”, and
  • rekindle sense of purpose and passion for doing a great job

Should you further investigate “Practicing Perfection®”?

It is an incredibly powerful approach for dealing with external challenges while taking the performance of your department or agency to the next level. More details are available in the “The BIG Idea” document indicated below. Use the link for your personal download and check it out.

A ‘short & sweet’ printable download that ‘lays it on the line’ about performance improvement in the Power Industry.

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Director – Utility & Power Generation Services

Stacey Hefner has spent the majority of her professional career in the safety and health field. With a background in Communication and Training, she has combined her skills to assist people and organizations in creating a safe and healthy work environment. Tell me more…

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