I’m a Patriots Fan.

Last night’s game was great to watch.

High-scoring. Lots of action.

Up to the two-minute warning I anticipated the score would tip…that “my team” would win.

It didn’t. They didn’t.

As my wife said, “Well…there’s always next year.”

In football…very true.

There was a seminal moment during Super Bowl 52.

It had nothing to do with the game.

It happened during a Dodge RAM commercial.

Did you catch it?

The voice of Martin Luther King resonated, “We recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be the servant.”


He or she who is greatest among us…who will have the greatest impact on saving lives- on improving ANY type of performance…shall be the servant.

Football season is over.

Whether that means anything to you or not is irrelevant.

What we do cannot wait until “next year”.

It’s time to serve.

Be Bold,

P.S. MLK’s resonation was taken from his message, “The Drum Major Instinct.” You ought to read the whole thing.

Tim autrey Founder/CEO


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