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The wreck of the Costa Concordia…

Four miles off course.

So far, eleven confirmed dead, 23 still missing…

It must’ve been an extraordinary sequence of events…” (video link)

Here are a few of the comments from Pier Luigi Foschi
Chairman and CEO of Costa Cruises:

“…we cannot, unfortunately, deny human error.
Captain Schettino took a decision on his own which is contrary to our rules, our written and certified rules that any captain must follow. This route was set correctly at departure from Civitavecchia.
The fact that the ship deviated from this route is solely due to a non-approved and not authorized maneuver and which Costa Cruises was not aware of.
The actions taken after the ship hit the rock totally did not respect the strict rules and procedures and also the training we have given to our officers.”

For those of us who have dedicated ourselves to the reduction of human error, let us never forget why we do what we do.

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