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Can you see a solution to your organization’s current safety / human performance issues, but simply cannot get the attention (or approval) of senior leadership?

There’s one (very) common denominator that speaks to virtually every senior leader / decision-maker in existence: MONEY.

The question is:  How can you get approval to invest tangible money in (oftentimes seemingly intangible) performance improvement (PI) initiatives?

If it’s mandated by the government, it’s pretty easy.

If you have an ‘enlightened’ leader who “gets it”, congratulations.


Do you think a 100-300% (or greater) financial return (in the first year) might get the ATTENTION of those in control of the corporate purse strings?

Until now, it’s been very difficult to monetize return on PI initiatives.  The data simply doesn’t exist, and when it comes to human error reduction, how can you project a value on things that don’t happen?

Well, we’ve developed a way to project the TANGIBLE VALUE of virtually any performance improvement initiative with YOUR organization.  It’s called the HU ROI Calculator™.

I unveiled the HU ROI Calculator™ during my webinar last week.  Needless to say, it generated a profound level of interest.

If you’d like to listen to a replay of the Webinar where I unveiled the Calculator, you can CLICK HERE.

The HU ROI Calculator™ provides valuable insights toward making sound business decisions regarding initiatives to improve safety and reduce human error.

Once you’ve had a chance to review the HU ROI Calculator™, please provide your comments below.

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