Human Performance MASTERS Program™ ONLINE FAQs

How does the ONLINE Course work?

The ONLINE Human Performance MASTERS Program™ provides you the opportunity to become an EXPERT in Human Performance- anytime and anywhere. No travel required.

Upon initial entry, you will be given access to a new set of Learning Sessions each week for a period of twelve weeks- comprising the Eight Learning Modules associated with Human Performance LEADERSHIP™, followed by four intense “Deeper Dive” modules.

The MASTERS Program builds upon the “WHAT to do” insights, strategies, and tools provided in LEADERSHIP to mold you into an EXPERT in Human Performance. It takes you ‘under the covers’, allowing you to discover WHY the insights, strategies and tools are so powerful and effective.

Each Module builds upon those previous (just as for the live classroom training).

You will receive all of the materials included in the Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ Course, including Autrey’s best-selling book, 6-Hour Safety Culture, and access to the Cost-of-Error Calculator, Error Elimination Tools™ and Principle-Based Mentoring™ Apps.

The learning sessions use a combination of teaching videos, graphics slides, animations, and downloadable pdfs and exercises. You are able to download the mp3 audio of each session for listening during commutes, while working out, etc.

You will have online access to the Discovery instruments for each of the three phases of the MASTERS Program: Your Personal Power Assessment, Influencer Quotient, and your Current Work Culture.

You will be given access to the Human Performance EXPERTS™ online community- a forum of like-minded professionals. In addition to your fellow EXPERTS, Tim Autrey frequently visits this Forum, and will likely offer his insights into whatever questions you pose or issues you face.

Once every two weeks (depending upon holidays and Tim’s travel schedule), you will have access to a live online Q&A session. During these sessions, Tim introduces emergent insights. He also answers questions you might have about the Course materials or specific performance improvement issues you might be facing. These sessions are recorded and archived for your access at any time.

Once you have completed the sessions associated with all eight modules, you may take the online Program Exam (not mandatory). Upon successfully passing the exam (score of 80% or higher), you will be awarded the professional designation of PPE.

Successfully passing the online Course Exam also qualifies you to receive 24 Professional Development Hours (PDH), awarded by the Human Performance Association.

Is the content of the ONLINE Course different than the classroom version?

The Human Performance MASTERS Program™ ONLINE uses the same instructional guidelines and learning objectives as the classroom version.

As an ONLINE participant, you will receive the same insights, strategies, and tools.

One thing that is not possible ONLINE is the group interaction (including the group exercises) occurring during the live events.

Since Human Performance is social as well as individual, group interaction is an important part of the learning experience.

Because the group interactions occurring during the live events offer tremendous learning opportunity, when you register for the ONLINE Course, you receive a ticket allowing you to attend a Public Course (four full days of training)…for only $97.

Your ticket can be redeemed for you to attend any Human Performance MASTERS Program live event within 12 months of your ONLINE Course registration.

Can anyone register (or does my company have to be involved with PPI Implementation?

Anyone can register for the Human Performance MASTERS Program™.

What if I’ve already complete Human Performance LEADERSHIP™? Can I get credit for this for my participation in the MASTERS Program?

Yes…you can!

Whether you completed your LEADERSHIP Course onsite as part of your organization’s implementation, attended a Public Course, or completed Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ ONLINE, you can get credit.

Your credit will satisfy the LEADERSHIP Training pre-requisite. In addition, you will likely receive some credit toward the MASTERS Program tuition. This credit may vary, depending upon how/when/where you completed your LEADERSHIP Course.

If you want to receive credit for previous LEADERSHIP participation, contact us via email (, or via phone at 1-702-331-8391. We will help you determine the details and your tuition credit.

Is the “PPE” designation obtainable through the ONLINE Course?

Yes it is.

Our system tracks your completion of each of the sessions in each learning module.

Once you’ve completed all of the sessions, elect to take the online Program Exam. When you pass the Exam (with a score of 80% or greater), the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc. will award you the professional designation of PPE (Practicing Perfection® EXPERT).

How can this course be used within my organization?

Depending upon the size/nature of your organization and an individual’s role/position, completion of the Human Performance MASTERS Program™ ONLINE may be considered as an aspect for advancement.

For organizations having implemented (or in the process of implementing) Practicing Perfection®, the ONLINE Program can be used to develop additional bench strength (during or following implementation). It can be used to more fully develop Performance Improvement / Champion Teams.

The opportunity to participate in the MASTERS Program can be used as an incentive/reward for key influencers in your organization- a win/win that will benefit the individual AND the organization.

How long does it take to complete the MASTERS Program?

Upon registration, Learning Sessions are released over a period of 16 weeks.

The Course Exam can be taken any time following completion of all Learning Sessions.

Once the initial 16-week period is complete, Program content may be consumed as rapidly (and as often) as the participant desires.

Are there Continuing Education Credits (CECs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) available for completion of the ONLINE Program?

Successfully passing the online Program Exam qualifies you to receive 24 Professional Development Hours (PDH), awarded by the Human Performance Association.

How much does the Course cost?

The standard tuition for the Human Performance MASTERS Program™ ONLINE Course is $4,500. Special promotions, early-bird registration discounts, and volume discounts are often available.

Three or more participants registering from the same organization qualifies for a $500 per person discount.

Human Performance Association members receive a 10% discount.

How can Human Performance MASTERS Program ™ ONLINE fit into a Performance Improvement implementation scheme?

In addition to excelling at their normal role/function, those who complete the MASTERS Program typically function as internal consultants to the organization. As they are afforded global opportunity to influence, organizational performance will most rapidly progress toward its next level.

The more EXPERTS you have onboard, the greater your internal ‘bench strength’.

The greater your bench strength, the greater your organizational ability to rapidly and sustainably achieve next-level performance.

The greater your bench strength, the less likely you will veer or become distracted by internal or external events. Your potential for keeping organizational focus where it belongs- at the CORE of all performance (Human Performance) will be much greater.

The great thing about the ONLINE Program is that key influencers can complete the learning as their schedules allow. No travel is required (although participation in a live event is HIGHLY recommended).

How can I get more information?

Simply complete the form below, and we will get in touch with you directly.

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