Human Performance MASTERS Program™ FAQs

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How does the Human Performance MASTERS Program™ differ from PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ Training?

Think of Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ as a four-year degree. This is Graduate School. The MASTERS Program includes the PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ Training- then goes BEYOND.

The MASTERS Program builds upon the “WHAT to do” insights, strategies, and tools provided in LEADERSHIP to mold you into an EXPERT in Human Performance. It takes you ‘under the covers’, allowing you to discover WHY the insights, strategies and tools are so powerful and effective.

In addition, the MASTERS Program provides for discovery- about yourself, your tendencies when it comes to influencing others, and your current work culture.

Following completion of the two-day LEADERSHIP training, the MASTERS Program is completed in 3 phases over an additional two days:

Phase 1 is about YOU. You will discover your natural tendencies as a leader- an assessment of your personal power. You will take a good look in the mirror. What you will learn about yourself will greatly increase your personal power- no matter what your role or position. You will be given tools for helping you get from where you are to your personal next level.

Phase 2 is about INFLUENCING OTHER PEOPLE. Building upon what you learned in LEADERSHIP and your Personal Power Assessment, you will discover your Influencer Quotient. We go deep into human choice and interaction. We delve into the psychology, physiology, and neuroscience that form mindsets, perceptions, motivations and habits. But don’t let this alarm you. This is NOT abstract or theoretical. We dive into these areas in a manner you will completely understand. You’ll grab tangible insights you can develop into powerful skills of influence.

Phase 3 is about CULTURE. You will have a graphical picture of your perception of your current work culture. With this as a baseline, combined with your new awareness of self (your Personal Power Assessment and Influencer Quotient), you will clearly see HOW to expand your sphere of influence to achieve the performance results you desire. You’ll experience the Code of Honor facilitation process. You will also walk through your own copy of the Performance Improvement Blueprint™, and will develop your best next steps toward achieving the results you desire- personally and professionally.

How long is the training?

The MASTERS Program live event training is four full days- typically from Sunday evening to Thursday afternoon.

You’ll experience the Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ curriculum during the first two days.

On Days 3 and 4 we go to Graduate School- to discover, to synthesize, to go deep.

If I’ve already completed Human Performance LEADERSHIP™, can I attend just the MASTERS Program portion of the training?

What is the “PPE” designation I see on the webpage and in the Course Catalog?

The Human Performance MASTERS Program is Graduate School. As such, active completion of the curriculum develops a high level of awareness and expertise in Human Performance.

Upon successful completion of the curriculum, you can elect to take the online MASTERS Program Exam (not mandatory). Upon achieving a passing score of 80% or greater, the Practicing Perfection Institute will award you the professional designation of “PPE” (Practicing Perfection® EXPERT).

Why should I consider participation in the MASTERS Program?

Through completion of the Human Performance MASTERS Program, you will discover much about yourself, underlying catalysts of influence, and HOW to transform culture. You will become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Human Performance.

Such expertise is becoming more highly sought after as “human performance” grows in stature as the ‘ultimate frontier’ of both leadership and Performance Improvement. Your ability to influence others will grow exponentially. Your sphere of influence will expand. Once you put what you learn in the MASTERS Program into practice, your skills and abilities to be a positive difference in the world will catapult to entirely new levels.

Who in my organization should participate?

Since Human Performance lies at the CORE of the performance of every organization, irrespective of size or industry, there should be within at least one EXPERT.

The more expertise you have within your organization- the greater your ‘bench strength’- the greater your abilities for achieving and sustaining next-level performance.

For PPI Implementation Clients, each Performance Improvement Team / Champion Team should have at least one EXPERT onboard.

What can I expect those who lead and supervise to do differently following completion of the MASTERS Program?

Most of us have had the opportunity to serve under the guise of an exceptional leader or two during our lifetimes. We can typically count the number on a single hand. This is because awareness of HOW to bring out and leverage positive aspects of human nature has tended to be intrinsic to the individual or self-taught. That is…until now.

Completion of the MASTERS Program, followed through with integration of what was learned, significantly increases the potential to become ‘exceptional’ in the ability to lead. Understanding (gained in the Program) followed by practice in the field develops exceptional expertise.

You can expect MASTERS Program graduates to have inordinate levels of influence. You will see much less ‘reaction’- much more resolute response. Less ‘command and control’ will be required. Synchronized desire, higher morale, doing the ‘right things’ for the ‘right reasons’ because they want to will develop among those being led.

How does the Human Performance MASTERS Program™ fit into an organizational Performance Improvement Implementation Plan?

In addition to excelling at their normal role/function, those who complete the MASTERS Program typically function as internal consultants to the organization. As they are afforded global opportunity to influence, organizational performance will most rapidly progress toward its next level.

The more EXPERTS you have onboard, the greater your internal ‘bench strength’.

The greater your bench strength, the greater your organizational ability to rapidly and sustainably achieve next-level performance.

The greater your bench strength, the less likely you will veer or become distracted by internal or external events. Your potential for keeping organizational focus where it belongs- at the CORE of all performance (Human Performance) will be much greater.

Are there Continuing Education Credits (CECs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) available for completion of the Program?


Upon successful completion of the curriculum, you can elect to take the online MASTERS Program Exam (not mandatory). Upon achieving a passing score of 80% or greater, the Practicing Perfection Institute will award you the professional designation of “PPE” (Practicing Perfection® EXPERT). In addition, the Human Performance Association will award you 24 Professional Development Hours (PDH).

How much does it cost?

The normal tuition for the four-day Human Performance MASTERS Program™ is $4500. Special promotions, early-bird registration discounts, and volume discounts are often available.

Sending 3 or more people from the same organization qualifies for a $500 per person discount.

Human Performance Association members receive a 10% discount.

How can I get more information?

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