Things to Avoid (part deux)- the “Shiny Box Syndrome” | PPI Global

“People will do anything to cure a trouble, but little to prevent it.    -Claude Hopkins

I continue to be baffled by the over-reliance of organizations upon software programs designed to accumulate data on the errant performance of…people.

Decision-makers are apparently still being sold the “big shiny box” (the latest database ‘guaranteed’ to cure their ills).

The thought must be that if we can just put enough negative information into enough bits and bytes, the ‘magic answers’ on how to “fix” people will surely pop out!

Reality?  Shiny boxes can be very expensive, and besides, you can’t “fix” people.

The great news is- people don’t need fixing!

Rather than attempting to cure your troubles by reacting to the complex data accumulation of much, why not keep it simple and be…proactive?

Why not make a conscious effort to catch people doing things right?

What gets recognized gets repeated.

Please offer your thoughts below.

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