An Entirely New Way of Assessing 

Organizational Strengths, Risks, and Opportunities

(Welcome to the next generation of understanding where you are and how to most effectively move forward)

“TOROID™” stands for:






The Targeted Organizational Risk & Opportunity Identification (TOROID™) Assessment is designed to identify organizational strengths, risks, and opportunities from a human performance perspective and document opportunities to improve performance and prevent human performance related events.

Of short duration and high intensity, the assessment offers a 'quick look' at everything from the behaviors of individuals to the processes and programs of the organization.

It is driven by a fundamental principle: in high-risk organizations, (those that cannot afford the consequences of human error), a significant percentage (84 to 94 percent) of human error events can be directly attributed to process, programmatic, and/or organizational issues.

By using expert investigators with decades of experience, and a 'fresh set of eyes', the TOROID™ Assessment offers an insightful and constructive evaluation of your organizational strengths, risks, and opportunities.

It provides recommendations that when implemented directly mitigate conditions (and therefore the potential for associated negative consequences and operational events).

The information provided to you and your organization through the TOROID™ assessment process offers great insight into how to achieve MAXIMUM and MOST RAPID return on your efforts to improve performance.

When considering any efforts to improve performance, the TOROID™ assessment can save you significant time, energy, and expense.

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