Error Elimination Tools™ Handbooks

These are the same tools developed through 20+ years of use and refinement in the US commercial nuclear generation and airline industries, fashioned into a conveniently sized fast, simple, and easy to use handbook. We recommend that every member of your team has a personal copy! They are available for immediate ordering and use!

Error Elimination Tools™ User Guide

The Error Elimination Tools™ have proven to greatly reduce the incidence and severity of human error when used. The key is getting people to…use them. The Practicing Perfection® Error Elimination Tools™ User Guide provides a step-by-step roadmap for implementation, reinforcement, and support of the Error Elimination Tools™ within your organization.

Practicing Perfection® Culture Profile

Culture determines results. The Practicing Perfection® Culture Profile is the only instrument in existence that specifically identifies the error-likeliness of your organizational culture. It does so in five key areas, providing you with the insights necessary for leveraging your efforts to improve.

      Capitalizing upon the cultural insights provided by the Profile, your efforts to reduce human error  can be accurately targeted to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Medical Error Elimination Tools™ Handbook

At PPI, we have modified these tools for Medical Professionals and fashioned them into a fast, simple, and easy-to-use handbook. Known as the Medical Error Elimination Tools™, they promote a simple set of behaviors. When used uncompromisingly, these tools virtually eliminate the potential for human error; error that can lead to worker or patient harm, administration of wrong procedures, protocols or prescriptions, or the spread of infection.

Other products coming soon...

Medical Error Elimination Tools™User Guide

​Spanish Error Elimination Tools™ Handbook

Spanish Error Elimination Tools™User Guide

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