Despite an endless array of Six Sigma studies, implementation of VERY EXPENSIVE databases, surveys, self-assessments, and use of consultants, human error remains as an “Achille’s Heel” in the operation, maintenance, and modification of any petro-chemical upstream or downstream environment.

FINALLY - there is now a tangible simple-to-implement remedy that rapidly and sustainably reduces the potential for human error:

Next-Level Human Performance

The Founder/CEO of PPI, and author of 6-Hour Safety Culture, Tim Autrey, together with his team, have pioneered "strategies" and "tools" over the past eleven years that have achieved sustained error reductions of up to 87.5%. The approach and associated technologies are NOW available for the Petro-Chemical Industry.

After achieving an 87.5% reduction in human error rate at an operating nuclear power plant in the northeastern United States, (performance which continued to improve for years following implementation), Tim left his management position to found the Practicing Perfection Institute (PPI). His intent was to make what he had learned (and proven) available to industries outside of nuclear power.

Since 2005, PPI has refined and innovated strategies which continue to evolve as a Next-Level approach to Human Performance. For the past eleven years, PPI and its team of professionals have worked with tens of thousands of workers around the globe, helping them achieve high reliability, phenomenal sustainable reductions in human error, elevation of safety and quality, and substantial growth in ownership and worker morale.

The great news is- such success can be

achieved at ANY Petro-Chemical Facility

  • In a VERY short period of time
  • Without the need for any further Six Sigma studies, lengthy analyses, or 'system overhauls'
  • At very low cost

For the whole story, grab a copy of Tim's book,

6-Hour Safety Culture (still rated 5 stars on Amazon).

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