Along with commercial airlines, US nuclear generation pioneered “human performance” in the early 1990s. While having tremendous initial impact upon virtually all industry performance metrics, an underlying burden was growing- the cumulative impact of ‘piling on’ more requirements, more expectations, and bigger, more extensive, and more EXPENSIVE databases.

However- there is now a tangible simple-to-implement remedy that goes a LONG way toward easing the pain:

Next-Level Human Performance

The Founder/CEO of PPI, and author of 6-Hour Safety Culture, Tim Autrey, worked inside the nuclear industry for 20+ years. He helped develop and implement many of the “tools” that were created and refined as the industry focused on reducing human error.

Over that period, he discovered (and eventually implemented) a DIFFERENT (simpler and much more SUSTAINABLE) approach for dealing with the ‘human’ side of plant operation, maintenance, and modification.

After achieving an 87.5% reduction in human error rate at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant through implementation of his "different" approach, Tim left his management position to found the Practicing Perfection Institute (PPI).  His intention was to find leaders in all industries who were open to approaching 'human performance' in a new and different way.

Since 2005, PPI has refined and innovated strategies which continue to evolve as a Next-Level approach to Human Performance.  During its 11-year history, PPI has worked with tens of thousands of workers in many industries around the globe, helping them achieve phenomenal sustainable reductions in human error, elevation of safety and quality, and substantial growth in ownership and worker morale.

The great news is- such success can be

achieved at ANY Nuclear Facility

  • In a VERY short period of time
  • Using strategies and tactics that actually serve to REDUCE the costs and the burdens of cumulative impact
  • With tremendous ROI

For the whole story, grab a copy of Tim's book,

6-Hour Safety Culture (still rated 5 stars on Amazon).

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