In early February 2005, I was called to an ‘emergency’ meeting with the 11 other “Corrective Action Managers” from our nuclear fleet.

I have no recollection of WHY we were summonsed to Atlanta in the first place.

What I do recall is that it was apparently necessary for our company VP to look and sound important in front of INPO (one of the nuclear industry regulators).

He prattled on incessantly about things of which he knew very little.

We were about to break for lunch. I’d endured as much as I could.

I said what needed to be said. Succinctly. Professionally. All with right intention.

It took guts.

I’ll never forget the response of…everyone.

Before lunch, the other Managers gathered ‘round me. I was the moment’s hero.

After lunch- a 180-degree shift. The meeting was interactive. It was productive.

People don’t follow titles- they follow Courage.

Got any meetings coming up?


Until next week,

Tim autrey Founder/CEO


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