I’m on vacation until next year.

We’ve been traveling through Ecuador, currently in Banos. Day after tomorrow we’re moving onto Mindo, where we’ll celebrate the entrance of 2020 with fireworks and effigies.

Since mostly what I do is work (a bunch), I made a commitment not to do so during this 7 days off.  I left my laptop behind.

Unfortunately in my zest for R&R, I didn’t calculate the impact upon a previous commitment- to publish this Monday Mindset every Monday (at least until the end of 2020).

So, I acquired a few sheets of paper from Johan (the guy who runs Casa Verde, the hostel where we’re staying), wrote and edited this piece longhand (can you imagine?!), keyed it into my phone, and sent it to our miracle-worker Alex (who is also on vacation) for publication at 5 AM on Monday morning.

(My apologies and extreme gratitude Alex!)

Depending  upon where you are on the planet, your new year (new decade) begins 20 to 33 hours from the time this was published.

What’s your plan?

As Auld Lang Syne is sung bidding farewell to 2019, about 60% of us will make resolutions for 2020.  Only about 8% will keep them.

In fact, according to research conducted by Strava, Sunday 12 January will be the day by which most have given up.

Wanna [truly] make a change?

Why not COMMIT to making it happen?

Commitments are much stronger than resolutions.

At PPI, we teach a lot about THINKing, FEELing, and DOing different; however,  when it comes to your impact upon yourself and those around you, these are precursors to what’s most powerful- who you ARE (your BEing)

For 2020, why not commit to BEing different?

“Like how?” you ask.

Perhaps you can commit to…
BEing kinder
BEing more helpful and generous
BEing more patient 
BEing more understanding and empathetic 
BEing more interested
BEing more passionate

Pick one.  Pick two.  Maybe pick ’em all.

And when you catch yourself screwing up (and you likely will), don’t wait until ‘next year’ to fix it. Recognize it, dust yourself off, and recommit- straight away.

THIS is how you change your world!

What will you COMMIT to as of midnight on December 31st?

Here’s to a fantastic new year/decade!


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