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Episode 004


Forget "Excellence"!

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"Excellence” continues to be used as a mantra for performance improvement. In this episode of REPSradio.com, Tim Autrey details why this is a BAD idea. "Excellence" cannot be clearly defined. It offers nothing tangible relative to desired changes in behavior. This causes confusion, generating direct resistance to the intended change.

An alternative to “excellence” is- “Next-Level”. Just as alluring and ‘sexy’, an organization’s “next-level” can be clearly defined, communicated, and observed. Team members then know specifically WHAT to do to achieve desired RESULTS, HOW to do it, and WHY it’s important.

Would you rather read than listen? Download transcript here!

In this episode, you will:

  • Understand why promoting “excellence” within your organization or team is a very BAD idea
  • Learn how "excellence" became such a popular management “tool”
  • See how it causes confusion, generating direct resistance to desired changes in behaviors
  • Be given a solid alternative that is just as alluring and ‘sexy’, yet offers the opportunity to provide solid, tangible, actionable insights to team members

Links and resources mentioned in this episode: 

Transformation Conversation Download

Request Culture Pulse Check

REPS Report Download

"Any Way You Want it" by Journey

In Search of Excellence by Thomas Peters

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  1. Ken Ballon
    2 years ago

    Next Level, something tangible, specific, observable and measureable. Is this management scheme accomplished by using available company fiscal or calendar year stats and setting targets?

  2. CherylD
    2 years ago

    Thanks Tim for yet another AHA moment. The links and resources are a great bonus.

  3. RituB
    2 years ago

    Incredible! Thank you for such a great paradigm shift. The word “Excellence” has long been used (or may I say abused) in variety of industries but mostly it leads people with confused minds that ultimately resist or does not sustain the efforts………..I am sure this PODCAST will benefit people and organizations by equipping them all with a new WORD and WORLD of POSSIBILITY by simple understanding and using “NEXT-LEVEL” in their approach!!

    Thanks Tim!

  4. Corrina
    2 years ago

    Subscribe, take the time – only 12-15 minutes – and grow. These podcasts are great microbursts of learning opportunities that will challenge you, perhaps even make you a little uncomfortable as you search your truth.