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Episode 003


Are You Telling the TRUTH?

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Telling the truth is paramount to success. In this episode, Tim Autrey details how organizations who consistently confront brutal facts will own the future. He identifies how culture determines accepted and expected norms relative to honesty and integrity. He advocates development of Core Principles as the starting point for cultural transformation- for elevating your current culture from where it is to where you want it to be.

Would you rather read then listen? Download transcript here!

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn that ALL progress begins by telling the TRUTH
  • Be alerted-  while YOU might be telling the truth, what others are telling you might not be “100%” (especially the more senior your position)
  • Learn to confront the 'brutal facts'
  • Understand the power of Core Principles (and be introduced to a model set from which you can craft your own)
  • Be given a free downloadable copy of 6-Hour Safety Culture Chapter two: THINKING DIFFERENT
  • Be given the opportunity for you and ten members of your team to take a free "Pulse Check", which reveals the error-likeliness of your current CULTURE in 5 Key Areas

Links and resources mentioned in this episode: 

Exemplary set of PPI CORE PRINCIPLES

6-Hour Safety Culture Chapter 2: THINKING DIFFERENT Download

Request Culture Pulse Check

View Sample Culture Profile Report

REPS: Next Generation Performance Improvement Special Report Download

Good to Great by Jim Collins

"Tell the Truth" by Eric Clapton

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  1. Dale Baker
    2 years ago

    Another great episode Tim. Thanks for the freebies too. When I worked for a major aircraft manufacturer in the Northwest USA with a new airplane model to produce. It was just as you described. Under the direction of the now retired CEO of Ford, his mantra was, “The data will set you free. It may tick me off, but never lie to me.” And you could not. The man had a photographic memory that would blow your mind.

    After an hour of project update PowerPoint slides by multiple chief position holders, he asked the presentations secretary, “Please put slide 55 from Engineering on screen one and slide 62 of Manufacturing on screen 2.” Same chart, different data. He spun around in his chair and asked, “Which one of you is not telling me the truth? He was all about the truth.

    As Performance Professionals, like Tim points out, we do ourselves and our clients a disservice by not telling them what they need to hear.

  2. CherD
    2 years ago

    The Truth shall set you free! Thanks for the great resources too!

  3. Ritu
    2 years ago


    Unless we identify and recognize that we are stuck- we can never take the next step to unstuck ourselves. Thanks for sharing so many helpful links for downloading.


  4. Stacey Hefner
    2 years ago

    Omission, it’s still not the truth. Are You Telling the Truth is powerful in that it requires some self reflection, then organizational recognition. Truth will lead you to the answers, we call it the Practicing Perfection Approach, and these answers will then take you through the upward spiral of next level performance improvement. Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over and over…take the Pulse Check, it will open your eyes, then DO something different.