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Individual and Organizational Performance Improvement

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For many Public Safety Organizations, “Human Performance” (HU) remains a difficult area in which to show tangible sustainable progress. This is because the same types of activities used to fix systems and equipment tend to be employed to “fix” people. The truth is- you cannot “fix” people. Fortunately, most people do not need “fixing”! What’s required is a different approach for initiating, integrating, supporting, and sustaining desired behaviors.

PPI approaches Human Performance Improvement from the perspective of how to innovatively LEAD and INFLUENCE – how to grow, reinforce, and support high-performing teams. Our curriculum includes the latest insights learned from the fields of neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and leadership science as it applies to behaviors, motivations, and influences within an organization, and it is proven to produce successful leaders.

This systematic approach involves the following four fundamental elements, which when properly integrated, generate the “Human Performance Factor” (HU Factor®):

  • Proactive Accountability® – is about attitude. By opening the door, inviting organization members to step through, and claim ownership, a new mantra is imprinted onto the mindset of workforce members: “What else can I do to make things better?” ‘Good enough’ is no longer an option.
  • Tools – Beyond physical tools necessary to perform specific tasks/jobs, there are also procedural/process/behavioral “tools” to guide organization members while they’re doing their work.
  • ‘Engagement – Every organization (including yours) is perfectly aligned to get exactly the results it is currently getting. To accelerate, maximize, and sustain performance improvement (and ultimately, organizational results) the operational culture of the organization (the way things get done on a day-to-day basis) must be aligned with its Core Principles. Alignment with Organizational Core Principles is critical to achieving desired sustainability.
  • Learning – Learning is critical to long term sustainable performance improvement. We want to LEARN and ACT so that we can repeat proper behaviors and good outcomes. We also want to LEARN and ACT so that we do NOT repeat things that did not go well.

When implemented and sustained in the right proportions under the right conditions, the HU Factor® is where the “magic” happens in performance improvement. In truth, it really isn’t ‘magic’ at all.

Leadership Development

Leading in today’s world may involve unlearning what you have already learned

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Now more than ever in the Public Safety Profession, the top-down, “Do this because I’m the boss and I said so!” paradigm of managing people like things is outdated. Such a focus will NEVER achieve or sustain next-level performance. We need to rid ourselves of old-school thinking and recognize that we CANNOT improve the performance of people the same way we fix a system or a piece of equipment. 

The climate in today’s world has proven that Public Safety Leaders must take a hard look at THEIR ever-changing role as a leader. Our society is demanding change and we must begin to step out of our comfort zone and cultivate a leadership development plan with a strong emphasis on understanding how to influence yourself and others, and how to promote engagement, ownership, and continually improving performance. To do so, we must begin to THINK Different, so we can FEEL Different, and ultimately DO Different.  

We must begin by looking at ourselves before pointing a finger at someone else when things go wrong, rather than rushing to judgment and looking for “who was responsible…and who can we hold accountable?”

Effective Public Safety Leaders look at failure as a learning opportunity, and provide feedback, only after they have examined THEIR role in the challenge. Take ownership and be part of the solution.

Principle-Based Mentoring

Being a leader today is not about being in charge, it’s about caring for those in your charge

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As a Public Safety Leader, we come in contact with many people daily: coworkers, the public, family, and friends. These interactions, both good and bad, will directly impact the culture in which we live and work. A successful leader promotes an engaged culture. One where team members are focused upon a task at hand, fully engaged during personal interactions, and where there is defined engagement between supervision/management and those they lead.

The Principle-Based Mentoring™ methodology will assist you in maximizing those interactions in a way that improves relationships and morale, promotes desired behaviors, and integrates efforts to dig up landmines and remove roadblocks. It does so using a simple engagement recipe known as the Core Four™. The Core Four™ is a series of Ask/Share questions that helps leaders get to the heart of any issue. A key element in helping leaders learn WHY employees do What they do, THE WAY they do it.

PPI will show you how to utilize the Core Four™ in a way that helps you develop the Next-Gen Mindset for observing yourself and others – what you should be looking for and how to find it.  HOW to mentor/coach and provide feedback in a manner that positively grows relationships while reversing drift and complacency and aligning behaviors in all directions. Utilization of the Core Four™ will ensure that your personnel believe and trust that you care deeply about them and their well-being and will only validate the fact that you serve and protect them with the same enthusiasm with which you serve the community.

Culture Transformation

Public Safety Organizations and people can be transformed-AND- both can be transformed rapidly

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Today’s society is demanding change to organizational culture in Public Safety organizations.  As such, our world is filled with frustration and protests associated with the perceived lack of progress. As usual, people are being led to believe that “Changing culture is hard and it takes a long time.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The string of successes achieved through implementation of the Practicing Perfection® methodology over the past 15+ years have proven that organizational transformation can occur rapidly when approached in a proper systematic manner, starting with a focus on the core (human beings).  

Undertaking performance improvement efforts without transforming culture is like pumping water uphill. You can spend a lot of money, buy huge pumps, pump to your heart’s content…and the water will indeed go up. That is- until (due to ending the ‘program’, running out of resources, or shifting priorities) the pumps stop running. At which time, all that water comes rushing downward.

PPI will help you build Your Pathway™ to culture transformation – how to get you and your [organization] from where you are to where you want to be. Growing a culture of ONE team, with ONE goal, having ONE conversation, via the elimination of opposing priorities and conflicting agendas between different job functions, resulting in a work environment that’s much more pleasant, engaging, fulfilling; and more Reliable, more Efficient, more Productive, and above all SAFE.


“I would highly recommend the PPI Human Performance Leadership Course for all Law Enforcement Professionals. We don’t hire “C” Players to be Police officers. PPI teaches leaders how to inspire their culture, and help the “C” Player find his/her way back to a “B” or “A” Player.”

Neal Maranto

Lieutenant of the Uniformed Services Division, The City of North Richlands Hill TX Police Department

“In my 20 year career as a law enforcement officer, I was never exposed to leadership training that was as impactful as PPI’s Human Performance Leadership Course. I loved it so much I retired and started teaching it.”


Bob Catinazzo (PPM)

Executive Vice President, Client Services


HU Basic iLearning

iLearning is PPI’s state-of-the-art online (CBT) learning platform for providing individual learning experiences over the internet.

The iLearning Course may be accessed using a desktop/laptop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone….learn more

Human Performance Leadership

In-house Principle Based™ processes, skills and tools for Next-Generation LEADERSHIP.

A focused learning experience, designed and facilitated specifically for those who want to achieve and sustain next-level performance…learn more


We will come to your organization and teach your crew. Learn more…

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We’re here to serve you- to help you sustainably raise personal and organizational leadership, performance, and results to levels simply not achievable through old-school thinking or methods.

Quite simply- we are here to help you transform culture in a manner that helps make our world a better and safer place.

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