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LAS VEGAS, January 13, 2014 – The Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc. (PPI) has combined forces with DEA Supervisory Special Agent (retired) Bob Catinazzo to bring next-level human performance strategies, tactics, and tools to Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.

“I am super excited about bringing Practicing Perfection® to the men and women in Law Enforcement and the communities they serve,” offered Tim Autrey, Founder/CEO of PPI, and author of 6-Hour Safety Culture. “Combining the strategic and tactical Law Enforcement expertise brought forward by Bob Catinazzo with the culture-transforming and performance-improving strategies and tools of Practicing Perfection® generates an unparalleled opportunity for law enforcement professionals and their departments/agencies.”

Now is a time when it seems that shifts in society, culture, and media bias are making it ever more difficult for law enforcement officers to do their jobs. In spite of the fact that men and women begin their careers to serve and protect, current-day officer indoctrination training tends to focus upon making it home at the end of the day without being injured, killed, complained about, or sued. Many law enforcement officers are feeling under siege and unsupported. Officer fatalities are up. Police departments across the United States are reporting increasing levels of turnover.

Bob Catinazzo

“During the last half of my career with the DEA, I had the privilege of teaching strategy and tactics to local law enforcement agencies, both in the US and abroad,” stated Bob Catinazzo, DEA Supervisory Special Agent (retired) and current Director- Law Enforcement Services for PPI. “Over the past several years, it was amazing to see the rise in cultural assaults being waged against law enforcement. As I was nearing retirement from the DEA, I discovered Practicing Perfection®. It has become my personal mission to bring this approach to the law enforcement community. It offers a new perspective on leadership, accountability, and pride in service unlike anything I have ever seen before.”

“Leadership training in law enforcement is something that must be improved in order to overcome the negativity law enforcement officers encounter each and every day,” continued Catinazzo.  “Unfortunately, any leadership training most officers receive comes after they’ve been promoted.  Practicing Perfection® is leadership on steroids! I am excited to introduce this next-level thinking (and doing) to all of law enforcement!”

On January 19, 2016, Bob will be joining Tim Autrey for an online webinar, “Practicing Perfection® in Law Enforcement, during which he will be detailing how understanding and implementing this approach directly targets challenges currently being faced by law enforcement professionals. Details regarding the webinar can be found HERE. There is no charge to participate.

On February 17/18, 2016, Bob will be personally facilitating the first-ever Practicing Perfection®

Leadership Learning Opportunity for Law Enforcement Professionals. This two-day immersion in next-level human performance in law enforcement is being hosted by the West Haven Police Department in West Haven, CT.

“As I grew up in California, my Dad, Ray Autrey, was always my hero,” offered Tim Autrey. “My Dad is still my hero today. He was also a cop. In 1973, my Dad was named Police Officer of the Year. I have his plaque in my office. So you see, Law Enforcement Professionals have always held a very special place in my heart. I am honored and thrilled to be working with Bob to help support those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.”

The team of professionals at the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc. are uncompromising champions of human possibility. Practicing Perfection® is a next-level approach to improving safety, quality, and productivity through a focus on human behavior, human error reduction, and human performance enhancement. Since its inception in 2005, it has commanded a leadership role in helping to engage and align work teams around the globe.


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Cheryl Demarais, Strategic Administrator

Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc.



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