PPI Documentary Wins 2014 Telly Award

LAS VEGAS, October 21, 2014 – The recently released documentary, “Practicing Perfection®,” has won a 2014 Silver Telly Award. The video, in competition with nearly 12,000 entries from across the US and numerous other countries, was awarded the Silver Telly in the Non-Broadcast Production- Corporate Image category,

Entitled simply, “Practicing Perfection®”, the documentary tells the story of how this next-level approach to human performance was conceived, and how it has evolved to serve tens of thousands of workers across five continents as a sustainable process for reducing human error and growing organizational safety culture.

“I am so honored,” offered Tim Autrey, Founder/CEO of PPI, “to be part of this movement toward next-level human performance. Personal lives and professional lives, families and organizations- all are positively impacted by what we have the privilege of doing on a daily basis. As I see it, we’re helping to make the world better and safer through the workplace.”

The documentary, filmed and produced by Dicks & Nanton Productions and Celebrity Films, does an exceptional job of developing the story through interviews and live footage. The narrative is offered by Tim Autrey, members of the PPI Team, and numerous individuals whose lives and organizations have been positively impacted through its implementation.

The documentary is available for viewing in numerous locations online, including the Practicing Perfection Institute YouTube Channel and the PPI website. Information regarding how the approach works, including associated products, courses, and services, as well as how to become Practicing Perfection® Certified (PPC), is also available on the PPI website.

Practicing Perfection® is a next-level approach to improving safety, quality, and productivity through a focus on human behavior, human error reduction, and human performance enhancement. Since its inception in 2005, it has commanded a leadership role in helping to engage and align work teams around the globe.

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