Next Gen Performance Improvement

Video 3

Your Recipe for Next Gen Performance

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  1. Gene Scott
    1 year ago

    This is what I am talking about! Tim You Are On Point! You have helped me put into context the very processes have been using for years, but jut did not know have to get it formulated.

    I am fortunate enough to have the people I serve to come to me and say things like “Over the weekend I thought about you because of what you said in our meeting”, this happens all the time! I even had one person come to me say “They had pressure washing their deck and at the end of the day they had not finished and left everything sitting where it was. Reason, will they were going to finish up on deck the next day and saw not need to put it away. As they were sitting and watching TV he said that they heard me saying “you know, “Think of your family, what happen if you had an emergency and all of you had to escape by the way of the deck”. So, he got up from watching TV went out on the deck and cleaned up the area incase he there was an emergency, everyone could escape Safely.
    I have been a follower of yours for 3 to 4 year as well as a member of the HPA.
    I tell you this because it is”One Person At A Time” and WIIFT!

    Tim, Thank You for your commitment to a safer world.

  2. Kenny Smith
    2 years ago

    By chance I had the opportunity to work with an unselfish, highly committed team. The project was difficult, conditions were not desirable and the possibility of success was considered by many to be unobtainable. But succeed we did. The project that most people believed would fail became the anchor of the site for many years. However the team did not survive. It lasted through the difficult startup and the stabilization of the process but when the common goal was completed the magic that created the high performing team also disappeared. Tim has been able to demonstrate sustained culture change. Per Tim culture change can also occur very quickly when Viral Accountability is achieved through Proactive Accountability, Peer Leadership and Viral Change. (VA=PA*PL*VC)

  3. Ritu BUdakoti
    2 years ago

    I SERIOUSLY LOVE ALL the videos!
    What does it take to have a group of people to work as TEAM? The synergy of TEAM once created and developed can be transferred to all aspects and areas of organizations. I like the simple (yet very powerful) way that you share in this video, about just how to do that! Great video!!

  4. Cheryl Demarais
    2 years ago

    All progress begins by telling the Truth! These videos are stellar in summarizing the simple but profound definition of Human Performance. In his very mesmerizing and in his very own fast, simple & easy to understand approach, Tim presents the brief history of human performance , where it stands today and WHAT we [as Performance Improvement] professionals can do, to take it to the NEXT-LEVEL!! Thanks Tim!