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Video 2

Overcoming Organizational Entropy

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  1. Kenny Smith
    2 years ago

    Tim’s presentation of “Organizational Entropy” provides a clear understanding of how we got to where we are. He examines the three common symptoms of Organizational Entropy.
    1. Firefighting
    2. Drift
    3. Accumulation
    We have all seen these attributes within our organizations and have worked to reduce or eliminate their affect. I have found Tim’s wisdom very valuable and I am looking forward to his insight in the next video.

  2. David Galloway
    2 years ago

    Drift and Accumulation are explained in a way that makes a ton of sense. If you ever wondered why things “seem” to be going along just fine – then suddenly an event happens….it’s because of these two phenomena. This is also the reason that it is a false statement to say that, “If no one is hurt, we must be safe.”

    As Tim explains, if we don’t have a strategy to directly counteract both Drift and Accumulation, it is only a matter of time before something (bad) happens!

  3. Ritu BUdakoti
    2 years ago

    PHENOMENAL! I REALLY like the way you described the “KEY” to transform the organizational Culture for it to be rapid and sustainable. Must watch video I must say to any one out there, wanting to take the next step to transform their Organizational Culture.