Next Gen Performance Improvement

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Getting "the call"...

If you haven't yet done so, you should download and READ the REPS Report

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  1. Kenny Smith
    2 years ago

    This is a great video that discusses the human factor in organizations. Tim notes that results are achieved through behaviors and behind each behavior is a choice. That choice is supported by each individual’s beliefs or wants, which Tim defines as the “WHY”. The collective behavior of a group is its culture. The good news is culture can change, it can change quickly and we can be a positive influence.

  2. David Galloway
    2 years ago

    Tim explains these fundamental concepts in a way that makes a lot of sense. The REPS model is a great way to show how the real world is a balance among competing and often conflicting objectives. For anyone who struggles to understand human performance, this simple definition makes it easy to grasp. And since it is understandable, it is much more likely to be implemented!

  3. Ritu BUdakoti
    2 years ago

    “DON’T JUST BE A BOX CHECKER”- Think of NEXT LEVEL, be it performance improvement, enhancing safety or Human Error Reduction! What a profound message to share with all of us, Tim! Sincere THANKS!!

  4. Cheryl Demarais
    2 years ago

    INCREDIBLE!! Video is truly insightful. This information is for anyone, especially for those who want to transform the culture of their organization; it emphasizes the importance of how to leverage the “Human” in ANY Human performance effort, for it to be sustainable. Must see for Performance Improvement professionals and organizational leaders.