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VIDEO 1: Getting “the call”

Each year in the US, almost 3 million people continue to get hurt on the job, while we’re collectively spending over $300 Billion on performance improvement.

We must begin to “think different”, and then to “do different”. The challenges of today simply cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.

VIDEO 2: Overcoming Porganizational Entropy

Reliability, Efficiency, Production, and Safety are essential. However, disjointed focus is generating conflicting priorities while diminishing ROI.

Understanding aspects of effective INFLUENCE overcomes ‘organizational entropy’, synergizing efforts into a ONE TEAM approach. 

VIDEO 3: Your Recipe for Next Gen Performance

Your first steps to transformation involve going from being “mind full” to MINDFUL. What’s required is an expansion of (and shift in) CONTEXT.

Culture transformation is NOT hard and it need NOT take a long time when you employ the J Strategy of organizational INFLUENCE.

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