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HU Academy

Get your FREE membership to the HU Academy where we have multiple video series and also the Cost-of-Error Calculator which quickly shows you how much human error is currently costing your organization.


Are you fed up the ‘status quo’? REPSradio.com takes on the perplexing issues of LEADERSHIP. In 12-minute rants, your host, Tim Autrey, challenges conventional thought on performance improvement. 


Thought-provoking Reports on what’s working, what’s not working, and HOW to make a true difference


The Error Elimination Tools™  now come in english and spanish in print, web APP, and an APP for your phone or tablet. So you can have these tools wherever you may need them.

Systematic Approach


Culture is your KEY, HUMAN PERFORMANCE is your CORE

Fast, Simple, Easy

Processes, procedures, aids, and behavioral tools that make it easy for team members to complete tasks safely and efficiently.

Proactive Accountability

Embracing personal responsibility to act in anticipation of perceived problems and opportunities while fully owning actions, behaviors, and outcomes.

Learning & Doing

Access. Enter. Analyze. Act. Real data combined with sensible action leads to substantial improvements in performance.

Learning & Doing

Engaging and building relationships based upon principles allows team members with differing values to work together effectively..

Want results?

Our next-generation training and implementation processes have helped some of the largest organizations on the planet achieve significant results.

Having trained tens of thousands of workers and their leaders worldwide, our clients attribute the following next-level outcomes to their association with PPI.

  • Turnover Reduction 57% 57%
  • Sustained Reduction in Human Error 72% 72%
  • Reductions in Grievances 80% 80%
  • Outage-to-Outage Error Rate Reduction 75% 75%

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