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Ritu Budakoti
Vice President – HU Academy /  PPI Facilitator
Office: (877) 832-9492

Ritu Budakoti has spent majority of her professional life working in the education sector. She has the distinction of being honored with the prestigious Gold Medal for academic excellence for her Masters in Botany from HNB University, India. Her passion for knowledge continued and she graduated with Summa Cum Laude securing a GPA of 4.0, successfully completing her Master’s in Education from Keene State College, USA.

Ritu has served as the catalyst for implementation of successful strategies, determining deliverables, and development initiatives, integrated by high-caliber educational cum management skills.  Ms. Budakoti developed dependable track records both at national and international levels.

Ritu brings creative design, problem-solving and analytical talents, combined with excellent teaching and learning experience in a cross-cultural environment. She has taught and worked with renowned educators from across the globe. Through her teaching and leading core curriculum at her previous position, she has understood habits of mind and how to enhance learning by using simple and sustainable strategies.

Her core subject areas in Master’s degree in Education included Portfolio Development & Assessment, Research Strategies in Education, Classroom/Instructional Management and Curriculum Development.

The above course work covers the gamut of PPI operations whose primary focus is training. A strong linkage can be observed in her education and PPI.  Ritu became PPI Certified in 2009.

Ritu has presented in international seminars and published research papers. Her research paper- “Geranium farming: A new perspective in boosting economy of Uttaranchal, India” was selected among the top 10 projects sanctioned by the Government of India in 2005.

She is actively involved with The British School Society-India, Keene State College-USA and National Association for Multicultural Education-USA besides others.

Being born and brought up in India, Ritu firmly believes in the ancient Sanskrit phrase ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ that means the whole world is one family. With this hope she envisions to expand PPI vision: Event-free, world-wide- one life at a time.

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