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Your organization functions within a changing environment.  The success with which it does so- your efficiency, productivity, level of safety, and ability to adapt to shifting conditions are a direct result of your…culture.

Is your organizational culture where you would like it to be?

According to many “experts”, changing culture is hard, it takes a long time, and it generates a great deal of anxiety.  And when approached in the traditional way, this is (unfortunately) absolutely true.

At PPI, we employ a method that produces rapid and substantial culture change.   It’s called…the Code of Honor™.

The Code of Honor™ facilitation process allows natural work team members to set their own expectations for how they want their work environment to function, and precisely what behaviors they are willing to be accountable to.

Once created, the Code provides an internal compass, fashioned and owned by the team members, that guides how they will interact (internally and with other teams), as well as how (with what behaviors, level of diligence, focus on safety, etc.) they will perform their individual job functions/tasks.

The Code of Honor™ process is a proven methodology, having generated substantial and sustained culture transformation amongst tens of thousands of workers since 2005.

The facilitation/creation process is key to Code of Honor™ success.

  • During the process of creating a Code, any interpersonal “stuff” existing amongst/between work team members is typically brought into the open and is dealt with.
  • The dialogue that occurs amongst the members as they craft the wording for each Code element develops clarity and common purpose.
  • The team will create a simple set of (typically six to twelve) Code elements.  These become the team’s “how to” expectations, which each team member personally pledges to uphold.
  • Once developed, each team member commits to every other team member to be accountable to the Code, and gives them permission to “call them on it” should they breach the Code, as well as to be called upon for help/assistance.

Quite frankly, we have never seen anything as powerful as the Code of Honor™ process for transforming the culture of an organization.

The PPI Code of Honor™

Following is our Code of Honor™ here at PPI.  Our Code was developed collectively by all team members, using the same facilitated process that will be used to create a Code of Honor™ for each work team within your organization.

  • Use timely, effective communication
  • Be the example
  • Commit to and own the success of Practicing Perfection®
  • Embrace CANI
  • Finish what you start
  • Learn, share, mentor
  • Support mind, body, spirit
  • Be willing to call and be called
  • Express gratitude in everything you do
  • Communicate crucial issues directly and promptly
  • Live with passion!
  • Celebrate all wins
  • Create fun!

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