Ever get excited about the new year?

I’m not talking about ‘resolutions’, I’m talking about REAL anticipation-

WHAT you’re gonna do.

How MUCH [weight] you’re gonna lose.

How MUCH [money] you’re gonna make.

The new year offers a brand new [fresh] start, right?

The thing is, no matter where you go, or the date on the calendar…you take yourself with you.

2018 is now 7+ days old. Still excited?

Or, like crabs in a bucket, have you successfully pulled yourself back down…

There’s about a 30% chance you’ve already blown, broken, or abandoned your new year goals.

It’s sooo easy to get excited in advance. A bit different to execute.

After all, once the threshold is crossed, plans diminished…there’s always ‘next year’, right?

My excuses for not following through with my new year excitement have always been…awesome.

How about yours?

The thing is- you and I are needed (really NEEDED) for things that can’t wait until next year. They likely can’t even wait until next month…or next week.

Today is the beginning of a brand new week.

People (including you) are counting on…you.

Get yourself out of the way and make it happen.

Until next week,

Tim autrey Founder/CEO


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