Principle-Based Mentoring™ Notebook

Principle-Based Mentoring™ Notebook

In order to achieve aligned behaviors and outcomes within your organization, you must shift your focus from monitoring/enforcing compliance to fostering a culture of desire; in other words, getting people to do the right things for the right reasons because they want to. At the engagement level, this requires a transformation from “telling” and “correcting” to that of building relationships and fostering a ‘one team’ mindset.

The Principle-Based Mentoring™ (PBM) approach uses a sequence of four “Share/Ask” interactions to both recognize desired behaviors and promote Constant and Never-ending Improvement (CANI).

Referred to as the “Core Four™”, the sequence of interaction between the Mentor and Mentee is clearly defined in the Principle-Based Mentoring™ Notebook. Combined with 12 observable behaviors that directly support exceptional performance, the Core Four™ approach provides anyone doing observations / giving feedback with a simple (and extremely effective) recipe for engaging, aligning, and directly reinforcing next-level performance.

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