Human Performance MasterClass FAQs

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How does the Human Performance MasterClass differ from PPI Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ Training?

During the MasterClass, we work through every element of the Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ Course…at the Graduate Level.

During this interactive experience, which is typically conducted as part of the PPI Human Performance (HPI) Summit, we go beyond WHAT to do. You’ll gain a clear understanding of WHY the [truly] human approach works. The insights and awareness you’ll attain will greatly increase your personal power and ability to influence.

We roll up our shirtsleeves to define, dissect, and understand the psychology, physiology, and neuroscience of Human Motivation and Human Performance.

This might sound complex, but as your ‘light bulb’ moments occur (and they will), you’ll find yourself moving in the opposite direction- with clarity, simplicity, and confident ‘knowing’.

How long is the MasterClass?

The Human Performance MasterClass is a 3-day Course. It comprises Days 2 through 4 (Tuesday-Thursday) of the week-long PPI Human Performance (HPI) Summit.

If I’ve already completed Human Performance LEADERSHIP™, is there benefit to attending the MasterClass?

Absolutely- that is if you’re interested in becoming a subject matter expert (SME) in influence and Human Performance.

The Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ Course provides strategies, tactics, and tools…WHAT to do to take performance to the next level. The MasterClass dives DEEP into the psychology underlying those strategies, tactics, and tools.

Understanding WHY the strategies, tactics, and tools work provides you with a level of awareness, understanding, and expertise that greatly enhances your abilities as an influencer and [truly human] leader of culture transformation.

Why should I consider participation in the Human Performance MasterClass?

Through completion of the Human Performance MasterClass, you will discover much about yourself, underlying catalysts of influence, and HOW to transform culture. You will become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Human Performance.

Such expertise is becoming more highly sought after as leaders in all sectors are becoming more aware that Human Performance forms the CORE of all organizational performance.

Your ability to influence others will grow exponentially. Your sphere of influence will expand. Once you put what you learn in this MasterClass into practice, your presence as a positive force within your organization (and the world) will catapult to entirely new levels.

Who in my organization should participate?

Human Performance lies at the CORE of all performance, irrespective of your company size or industry. As such, the more expertise you have in this field, the greater your potential for substantial and sustainable performance improvement.

If you’re a small business owner, you and [perhaps] one or two of your senior folks should attend. You will learn HOW to bring diverse team members from different generations together to grow one team, with one goal, having one generation.

If you’re a Human Resources (HR) professional your participation will help you transform your department. You will know how to transition from being the ‘company lawyers’ (protecting the organization from its employees) to becoming a proactive genitor, growing one team, with one goal, having one conversation.

If you’re tasked with specific areas(s) of performance improvement (safety, error reduction, high reliability, LEAN / Six Sigma), you will discover HOW to effectively leverage the ‘missing link’- human performance. You will understand HOW to influence team members to want to do right things for right reasons.

If you’re an executive or senior leader who recognizes culture is the key to sustainable improvement in Safety, Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, and ultimately- profitability, you should attend.

For PPI Implementation Clients, each Performance Improvement Team / Champion Team should have at least one EXPERT onboard.

What can I expect those who lead and supervise to do differently following completion of the Human Performance MasterClass?

While most of us have had the opportunity to serve with or under one or more exceptional leaders during our professional lives, they are typically few in number. Such leaders are RARE. This is because much of what it takes to be such a leader is counterintuitive.

Leaders who are exceptionally effective, especially in today’s scrambled mix of generations and societal pressures, have tended to have ‘natural abilities’ or have been self-taught.

That is…until now.

When the insights gained in this MasterClass are put into practice, an individual’s abilities to be a [truly human] leader increase exponentially.

You can expect MasterClass graduates to have inordinate levels of influence. You will see much less ‘reaction’- much more proactivity. The Leadership awareness, insights and understanding gained, combined with the strategies and tools provided, evoke much higher levels of ownership and proactivity.

When MasterClass graduates then role-model, promote, and support what they have learned, their team, department, or facility rapidly and sustainably moves toward a culture of One Team with One Goal having One Conversation.

How does Human Performance MasterClass fit into an organizational Performance Improvement Plan?

Relying upon after-the-fact quality checks, trends, or metrics as the primary ‘driver’ of efforts to improve performance is like trying to drive your car by looking in the rearview mirror. All such data is historical. Efforts to improve based on this data are typically incremental- typically to ‘fix what went wrong’.

The premise of this approach is to place primary focus upon the CORE of your team/organization performance- the moment-by-moment choices, actions, behaviors, and interactions of the people who are doing what they’re tasked to do.

The Human Performance MasterClass generates Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in HOW to grow engagement, ownership, and Proactive Accountability® across your team/organization. Graduates have expertise far beyond knowing WHAT to do. They understand WHY it works. This greatly enhances abilities to influence, promote, and sustain.

Further, this approach enhances the effectiveness of all other [proper and beneficial] Performance Improvement efforts you might currently have underway.

Albert Einstein summed up how this approach generates exponential increases in performance: “Not all that can be measured matters…and not all that matters can be measured.”

Measurements and metrics are indeed important. Results and outcomes are [obviously] critical to forward momentum and success. This being said, MasterClass participants learn HOW and WHY to focus upon the CORE…the source…of what generates those metrics and results. It leverages that which cannot be measured (but greatly matters) to sustainably improve…what CAN be measured.

Are there Professional Development Hours (PDHs) available for completion of the MasterClass?


Upon successful completion of the training, you can request and receive (24) PDHs, awarded by the Human Performance Association.

How much does it cost?

You can find the current MasterClass tuition and register HERE.

Note: Registering 3 or more participants from the same organization qualifies for a substantial per person discount. Human Performance Association members receive a 10% discount.

How can I get more information?

Simply use the Request More Info form at the bottom of this page. We’ll happily answer any questions you might have.

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Quite simply- we are here to help you transform culture in a manner that helps make our world a better and safer place.

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