With great power comes great responsibility.

The more you acquire- the more you inherit.

And as responsibility goes up, so does the need to control…right?


The highest and best form of efficiency comes through the spontaneous cooperation of a “free” workforce.

Spontaneous means- “occurring without apparent external cause.”

In other words- people doing the right things, in the right way because they want to- even when no one is watching.

As a LEADER, you create “highest and best efficiency” by:

1. Being present, visible, and consistent
2. Creating and communicating “right things”
3. Role modeling and reinforcing the “right way”
4. Letting go

Purpose and Autonomy- you’ve heard this before.
This is what it looks like.

BTW- you also need to provide LOTS of regular feedback (especially with younger team members).

Most feedback will be positive.

Granting autonomy, allowing team members to empower themselves, is a CHOICE.

And [in the beginning] it takes…GUTS (aka COURAGE).

HOWEVER- when positive spontaneity “tips”, and it WILL when you do it right- that’s when the ‘magic’ happens.

You will no longer be a ‘fire fighter’.

The toughest part of your job will be to keep up with the people who report to you.

It’s a blast.

And the thing is- it’s not ‘magic’ at all.

Be BOLD- let go of the leash.

Tim Autrey, Founder/CEO


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