Last year (2017), 3-time trophy-winner Novak Djokovic left Wimbledon during his quarter-final with an injured right elbow. 

He needed surgery.

A wounded elbow…surgery…rehabilitation…physical therapy.

Many figured Djokovic was finished.

But not Novak.

This past Saturday, he won the final in three straight sets- his 4th Wimbledon title.

As Marcus Aurelius enlightened us-

The obstacle in the way becomes the way.”

Feeling down?

Seem like the world’s conspiring against you?

Newsflash:  The world never conspires against you- you only conspire against yourself.

Time to get on the court…off the mat…away from the ropes.

Remember- every morning is destiny’s way of telling you- your purpose is not yet done.


Have an EXCEPTIONAL week!

Tim Autrey Fonder/CEO PPI

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