With our world so rapidly changing-
transforming and rearranging-
it can get hard to know
which way to go

How should I do?
What might I say?
In all the decisions
I gotta make today?

It’s hard to pick
much harder to see
‘cause the Why’s I Choose
can become legacy.

Okay- please forgive my [poor] attempt at rhyming lyrics.

I’ve been inspired by genius on display in the hit show Hamilton.

Tickets to the production were a present from my wife.

We went yesterday.

Thank you, Sweetheart!

From the rap, “The World is Wide Enough,” I picked up a grand new awareness of “legacy”…

Legacy, what is a legacy?
It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see


Getting to you (and me)-

Anything you ever say or do can become a bequest to those who come after- your family, your friends, your organization…the world.

And you’ll likely never see your true impact.

Kinda sobering, isn’t it?

Fortunately, we’ve been given great strategies & tools to help whenever we’re in a position to influence others (which, BTW, is all the time).

Like… “Purpose → Autonomy → Mastery”.

Lead (and influence) with Purpose, offer Autonomy, and…get out of the way.

the highest and best form of efficiency [Mastery] comes through the spontaneous cooperation [Desire] of a free [Autonomous] workforce.

And this “highest and best form of efficiency” isn’t just about now, tomorrow, or the next quarterly report.

It’s about long-term consequences…

It’s hard to pick
much harder to see
‘cause the Why’s I Choose
can become legacy.

What seeds are you planting…today?

Tim Autrey, Founder/CEO


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