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Welcome to!

I’m Tim Autrey, and I am honored to be your host- your host for an online podcast whose sole purpose is to help YOU achieve quantum levels of performance improvement: personal improvement, as a LEADER, and for your organization, community, and family.

This is our inaugural episode, and I am so excited to FINALLY be on the air!

This has been a LONG time in the making- something we’ve been working on for several years.

As I indicated- this show is all about YOU- as a leader: a leader in life, in your business, in your family and in your community.

On the professional side, you might be a Director of Safety, Quality, or Human Resources. You might be a LEAN Six Sigma professional focusing on Productivity and efficiency, an entrepreneur business-owner, or the CEO of a 50,000-person enterprise.

No matter what your professional focus, I’ll be giving you short, simple, targeted twists in strategy and tactics- implementable insights and tools that will propel you WAY ahead of your current state of affairs.

They’ll empower you to punch competition in the face.

On the personal side, we’ll be talking about how to take care of…YOU.

How to have more BALANCE.

How to be a better friend- to yourself, to those you care most about, AND to everyone else as well.

We’ll be talking about how to appreciate more. And how to Care more.

My weekly rants on this show will broadcast every Tuesday.

I’ll be using case studies and stories.

I’ll be tapping into personal and professional experiences, as well as a multitude of lessons I’ve discovered over the years.

This is ALL about helping you make better decisions.

Better choices- to help you become a better you.

I’ll also be helping you discover HOW to inspire others to do what inspires them.

On top of my weekly rants, I’ll also be interviewing experts about once a month.

You’ll have the chance to learn from the thinkers and doers on the planet-

from thought leaders in academia as well as from business leaders. I’ll even be talking with frontline practitioners, those wonderful folks in the trenches making a true difference.

I’ll be asking hard-hitting questions.

We’ll be talking straight about what’s working NOW (and what’s NOT).

The primary intent of is to get you to THINK- to help you expand your personal CONTEXT. To help you recognize potentials and possibilities waiting for YOU- personally AND professionally.

So- let’s get on with the meat of this very first episode…

And we’re gonna begin…at the beginning: with YOU.

I believe we are at a nexus- literally a pivotal point on planet earth.

And no- I’m not going to talk politics, or climate change, or any of the other constantly negative news that’s hard to get away from.

I’m going to talk about LEADERSHIP. Leadership in ALL aspects.

This is because our world is currently groaning for true LEADERS.

What do I mean?

Well, I’m NOT talking about those who seek power to have power.

I’m NOT talking about those who are ‘in it’ for self-serving purposes.

I’m NOT talking about those who are willing to pander to, manipulate, or take advantage of others for their own benefit.

If any of these describe you- just hit the STOP and DELETE buttons right now. You’re no longer invited.

What I AM talking about are those who want to do the RIGHT things for the RIGHT reasons- those who have something to offer, and are willing to do something about it!

I AM talking about those who recognize possibility, and with little concern for the odds, are willing to RAISE THEIR HAND. To STAND UP and DO SOMETHING!

Our world is desperately seeking leaders because most of humanity is currently ASLEEP.

Whether due to the current incessant never-ending drone of distraction, being mired in overwhelm, or succumbing to apathy, I’d say by far the majority of people are simply “living out their lives”- neither standing for much, achieving much, nor appreciating much.

You might disagree with me on this- that’s part of the fun of having a show like this.

I am NOT pessimistic about our future.

Because of people like you, I am quite thrilled about our prospects!

In fact, I am an uncompromising champion of human possibility.

BUT…we desperately need LEADERS!

Our current state of affairs has generated a vacuum where those who seek power can easily take advantage (and according to the news…appear to be doing so).

This is why political correctness has gone viral.

This is why everything that goes wrong tends to be cast off as “someone else’s fault”

On the other hand, YOU are staring at GRAND OPPORTUNITY.

It’s EVERYWHERE. You may already know this. That may be why you’re listening.


You may simply be curious. Or just happened to stumble on this show because someone sent you a link. Or perhaps as a result of some internet search…

Either way, welcome to the future!

My role here is to help you become more fully AWAKE.

To THINK, then DECIDE, then ACT…and do so in a way that’s WIN WIN…for you and for those around you.

So, for this inaugural Episode I have a question for you:

Are YOU currently playing to WIN? Or are you playing NOT TO LOSE?

There’s a HUGE difference.

Love him or hate him- Tom Brady is likely the greatest NFL Quarterback of all time.

He holds more records than any other quarterback…EVER.

In October of 2004, Brady was interviewed by Mathew MCCONAUGHEY, and was asked this question:

How much are you playing to win versus playing not to lose?

Here was Tom’s response:

“I think that at the start of a game, you’re always playing to win, and then maybe if you’re ahead late in the game, you start playing not to lose.

The true competitors, though, are the ones who always play to win.

I’d like to think that that is my team’s approach.”

By the way, this was 5 months before the Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles for their third Super Bowl victory in 4 years.

I love football. But, maybe you’re not a fan.

So, let’s talk business…

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Forbes 500, right? You know, the list of 500 largest companies?

Supposedly the best. Apparently the brightest.

How many of the organizations on that list do you think are playing NOT to lose?

Apparently quite a few.

If you compare the Forbes list of 1955 with that at the close of 2014, 88% of the organizations have been replaced? 88 percent!

Such are the consequences of playing not to lose.

I wonder how many will be gone…this year.

So now- back to YOU.

Look, if you are a leader of any sort, and I have no doubt you are since you’re listening to this broadcast.

Are you honestly playing to win?

Or are you, like so many, do you tend to take the easy road?

The consequences of a defensive strategy are treacherous.

Think of Kodak, Compaq, Eastern Airlines, EF Hutton, or FW Woolworth’s…

Once the biggest. Once household names.

Somewhere along the line they cycled into PLAYING NOT TO LOSE.

And now they’re HISTORY.

So… how about you?

How about your work team, your organization…your enterprise?

How about the way you are personally approaching everything you do?

Have you fallen into defensiveness?

How can you possibly know?

My guess is- in your gut- YOU KNOW.

Let me explain something to you…

Playing not to lose is playing defense. Playing defense is based upon FEAR. It’s focusing on scarcity.

When you’re in the defensive mindset, you consider yourself a VICTIM.

A VICTIM of others, of relationships, of circumstance, of the environment.

If you think I might be talking about you, here’s a simple prescription for you.

Bob Newhart says it best:   Bob Newhart STOP IT! Clip.

Now- if you are playing not to lose…if you ARE feeling like a victim, I might have just pissed you off. You might even end your listening right here.

That would be your loss.

In truth, most of us have played the victim from time to time. The key is to RECOGNIZE it, and to STOP doing it!

As a first step toward redemption, I have a wonderful gift for you…

As a RESOURCE for this episode, I am giving you something that can totally transform the way you think, and ultimately the way you live your life.

I am offering you the gift of increased self-awareness.

It’s a simple self-scoring tool called the ADMIT IT™ Self-Assessment.

It consists of ten questions.

Answer them honestly.

Pay attention to the score.

If you do, it’s likely to rock your world.

Once you know your score, follow the recommendations.

Share your results and perspectives in the Comments section for this Episode (if you dare).

I’ll tell you, the first time I completed my assessment it was what I refer to as a “2X4 moment”!

If you’re at your desk, you might want to do this NOW, and THEN listen to the cap off for this Episode.

If you’re driving or working out…it’s probably a good idea to wait until later.

By the Way…

I’ll be walking you through HOW to STOP acting like a victim through Episodes 2 and 3 of

For now, simply consider your new level of self-awareness…

As I said before, the world is crying out for…yearning for…those who will truly LEAD.

Those who truly play to win are the ones who OWN their futures.

Think (for example) of Herb Kelleher. In 1967, he “took a stand”. He turned conventional business wisdom upside down- the idea of running a company where you put workers FIRST (instead of shareholders).

But what about dividends and share prices?

Southwest is the most profitable airline in the history of the planet.

Or consider Paul O’Neil’s takeover at the helm of Alcoa in 1987.

His idea? Safety as the primary focus.

Wall Street cringed.

The next ten years were the most profitable ever for the history of the company.

Think Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

Selling books online?

Today the largest retailer on the planet.

Or maybe Elon Musk.

Controversial indeed.

Taking major stands in electricity generation, car design, and even space travel.

So, you may say, “Yes but…I’m just a team leader in my company, or the mother of my children, or the brand-new-out-of-college millennial. What can I do?”

The answer? WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!

All you need do is begin to THINK DIFFERENT, and then…TO ACT DIFFERENT!

To help you, I will be giving you specific strategies, and then tactics, for doing just that in upcoming episodes.

For now-

Here’s another RESOURCE you can grab.

I highly recommend you access and READ this between now and next week.

It’s a book…yes, a book.

It’s called “6-Hour Safety Culture.”

With “safety” in the title, as an HR or LEAN professional, you might be thinking this is only for the safety folks. As the CEO, you might think this sounds like a book for one of your mid-level managers. On a personal level, you might think it’s insights only apply to companies.

It’s NOT…and they don’t.

It’s the story of a journey of HOW to transform yourself, as well as the culture of any family, team, organization or enterprise. It’s filled with insight, strategy, and tactical tools you can access, download, and put to immediate use.

To cap off this inaugural episode of, I want to thank you for listening.

I want to thank you for your genuine interest in and commitment to making our world a better and safer place.


Today’s episode has been brought to you by the Human Performance Association, publishers of the best-selling book, 6-Hour Safety Culture: How to Sustainably Reduce Human Error and Risk, and do What Training Alone Can’t Possibly Do.”

You can discover what this work has in store for you at, that’s


As I indicated, in Episodes 2 and 3 of, I’m going to be digging a bit deeper and putting more pieces together.

I’m going to be talking about success- YOUR success-

HOW to profoundly grow your ability to take better care of yourself

HOW to make better choices and decisions.

And HOW to rapidly accelerate your ability to LEAD, to INFLUENCE, and to make a difference.

Until next time, this is Tim Autrey


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