Making Law Enforcement Strong Again

A Human Performance Workshop for Leaders

December 8-9, 2016

Phoenix PD Training Bureau

Phoenix, Arizona

Shifts in society, culture, and media bias are dramatically impacting officers' incentive, morale, and ability to do their jobs.

We are experiencing what is arguably the most difficult and dangerous time in this country’s policing history. Law Enforcement nationwide must resolve issues involving community trust, use of force, and more importantly- dispirited officers.

Allegations of racial profiling and police brutality appear in the media on an almost daily basis. As such, members of the general public seem to be losing faith in law enforcement, and in some instances law enforcement officers believe their own department has lost faith in them.

How do you guide your officers, your department (or your agencies) through this tumultuous time?

Exceptional performance requires the development of exceptional operational culture.

Current times demand assertive efforts. To answer the call, to maximize effectiveness, we must have inspired and well-led agencies and departments.

Exceptional performance requires exceptional leadership, AND the development of exceptional operational culture.

Errors must be minimized and events- eliminated.

  • Statistics show that 84 to 94 percent of the time an error occurs, the officers or individual(s) involved are ‘setup’ by some aspect of the process,the program, or the way the organization functions.

Currently, most law enforcement agencies remain reactive rather than proactive.

  • Leadership training is typically scheduled after a promotion.
  • Reactive training, built around ‘use of force’ statistics (either by police or upon police) is most often provided after a significant error or event occurs (without fully considering the associated thoughts, behaviors, or underlying reasons ‘why’).

It's time to take charge of the situation.

The truth?

Your culture determines your performance and your results.

Unfortunately, many law enforcement agencies are currently treading water- existing in an environment where, rather than managing culture,they are being managed BY their culture.

Different times mandate a different approach.

Culture transformation begins at the top. As a Leader, you must first embrace, then role model, support, and reinforce behaviors aligned with the Core Principles of your organization.

The need for true leadership has never been as great.

If officers and department employees do not feel they have the support, as well as the tools they need to do their jobs, they cannot safely and successfully serve and protect the lives of the people within their communities.

It's time to be proactive- to take the offense.

As a Law Enforcement leader, you must understand how to inspire, how to guide and direct- how to point the way. Furthermore, they must know how to build TEAM.

AND...when things do not go as planned, as a Leader, you MUST learn how to effectively counter hostile rhetoric, blame, and finger-pointing.

-Making Law Enforcement Strong Again-

The Human Performance Leadership Workshop is a two-day hands-on learning experience designed to show you precisely HOW to make your department or agency strong again.

You will learn how to directly apply the most powerful culture transforming process on the planet, Practicing Perfection®, to the challenges and constraints currently being forced upon policing and law enforcement organizations.

Here's a taste of what you'll learn and experience:

  • How to get re-inspired
  • How to get back to WHY you became a cop in the first place
  • How to successfully transform the culture of your department or agency
  • How to manage the most predominant human error traps
  • How to influence another person to do virtually anything you want them to
  • How to get officers to do the 'right thing' when no one is watching
  • How to change your mindset on culpability and move away from blame
  • How to foster engagement, accountability, and ownership 
  • How to utilize simple tools that minimize the potential for human error

For a complete set of Learning Objectives, CLICK HERE

The tuition to attend the Human Performance Leadership Workshop is only $495

$50 discount per person available for 3 or more from the same agency/department

(Please contact us at 1-702-331-8391 for more information on this discount)

In addition to two full days of training and a copy of the Human Performance Leader’s Manual, registrants for this course will receive:

  • (12) Professional Development Hours (PDH) awarded by the HPA
  • A First Edition Practicing Perfection® in Law Enforcement commemorative Challenge Coin

Your (Decorated) Facilitator

Bob Catinazzo, PPC

Director - Law Enforcement Services

Your hands-on facilitator for the Human PerformanceLeadership Workshop is decorated DEA Supervisory Special Agent (retired) and Practicing Perfection® expert, Bob Catinazzo.

Bob has a stellar reputation for re-energizing law enforcement leadership, and for providing strategic and tactical "how to" insights. For more information on Bob, click here.

Check out Bob's blog- Making Law Enforcement STRONG Again


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