Practicing Perfection® in Law Enforcement

A Leadership Learning Opportunity

For Law Enforcement Professionals


Allegations of racial profiling and police brutality appear in the media on an almost daily basis. Members of the general public seem to be losing faith in law enforcement, and in some instances, law enforcement officers believe their own department has lost faith in them.

  • Current officer indoctrination training typically focuses upon making it home at the end of the day without being injured, killed, complained about, disciplined, or sued
  • Many law enforcement officers are feeling under siege and unsupported
  • Police departments across the country are reporting increasing levels of staff turnover


There is now an OPPORTUNITY for the leaders within your department/agency to learn HOW to truly LEAD, and to develop skills for tapping into and promoting the core aspects of what it means to be a great ‘cop’.

It’s called…

Practicing Perfection® in Law Enforcement

(*accredited for 15 Professional Development Hours (PDH))

A two-day intensive learning experience designed to pull back the curtain, revealing the strategies and implementation tactics behind the most powerful culture transforming process on the planet.

Leaders in your organization (supervisors and above) will learn precisely WHAT to do to take the human performance (integrity, safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability) of your department/agency to its next level (and do so in a manner that is sustainable).

Upcoming Leadership Learning Opportunity

February 17-18, 2016

West Haven, Connecticut

(Hosted by the West Haven Police Department)

Facilitator: Bob Catinazzo

West Haven Police Department

200 Saw Mill Road

West Haven, CT 06516

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

8:00AM – 4:00PM

Thursday, February 18, 2016

8:00AM – 4:00PM

The tuition for two full days of next-level Law Enforcement Leadership Learning is only $499!

Special Discounts:

  • If three or more people attend from the same department/agency, there is a $50 per participant discount, OR

Space is limited to 50 participants. We strongly recommend early registration as this session will likely sell out.

*Accreditation / Professional Development Hours

The Practicing Perfection® in Law Enforcement Leadership Learning Experience is accredited by the international Human Performance Association, Inc. As such, fifteen (15) Professional Development Hours (PDH) will be awarded by the Association for successful experience completion.

Practicing Perfection® in Law Enforcement Leader Participants will receive:

• Practicing Perfection® Leader’s Manual

Error Elimination Tools™ Handbook

• Error Elimination Tools™ Leader’s Guide

• HU Blueprint™

• Culpability Decision Tree

BONUS!! - Free Copy of 6-Hour Safety Culture

        Your Facilitator…

Bob Catinazzo

DEA Supervisory Special Agent (retired)

PPI- Director, Law Enforcement Services

PPI Master Facilitator

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Supervisory Special Agent [retired] Bob Catinazzo is a recognized expert in human performance facilitation, error reduction, and culture transformation throughout the law enforcement community. READ MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

What [exactly] is “Practicing Perfection®”?

Practicing Perfection® is a new paradigm. It is a next-level improvement approach, which focuses upon the core element of all organizational planning, operation, and execution- human performance. It offers a refreshing (and desperately needed) departure from the old-school tactics of managing people like ‘things’. Tapping into and leveraging positive aspects of human nature, it generates and multiplies intrinsic desires to excel, and to make things ‘better’. Specifically, it is a street-proven method to: Transform organizational culture, get workers to WANT to do the right thing and to be proactively accountable, generate true management and supervision support, and to get team members to "follow the rules" (even when no one else is watching).

HOW is the Practicing Perfection® approach to improving human performance applicable to Law Enforcement?

Successful law enforcement operations requires that officers and administrators make good choices. Sometimes these choices must be made ‘in the moment’. Sometimes they are literally ‘life and death’. In spite of all of the technical and tactical training law enforcement professionals receive, underlying human characteristics often prevail at acute moments of impact. By expanding context, internalizing a sense of Proactive Accountability® and ‘one team’, and layering in simple behavioral tools for minimizing errors, the Practicing Perfection® approach positively impacts all actions, choices, and decisions- from the routine day-to-day, to those intense moments when ‘everything’ is on the line.

How (specifically) will attending this Leadership Learning Experience benefit me / my department/agency?

Organizations and leaders within them who “get it” are rapidly coming to the realization that old-school attempts to ‘move forward’ are simply not working. Human performance represents the ‘ultimate frontier’ in performance improvement. The Practicing Perfection® Leadership Learning Experience teaches you precisely WHAT to do to take the attitudes and behaviors within your department/agency to their next level. In so doing, your working culture is transformed, errors are reduced, morale is improved, and sense of pride and ownership are strengthened.

Does the Practicing Perfection Institute (PPI) have experience teaching law enforcement officers and supervisors?

Our director of Law Enforcement Services, Bob Catinazzo (Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Supervisory Special Agent [retired]) is a recognized expert in human performance facilitation, error reduction, and culture transformation throughout the law enforcement community. Over the course of his 20-year law enforcement career, Bob has represented the DEA as an instructor in many law Enforcement Conferences in the US and abroad. He has provided next-level instruction in the areas of Leadership, Tactics, Defensive Tactics, and Operational Risk Management, offering his insights and expertise to state and local Law Enforcement Officers, International Law Enforcement Officers, DEA Basic Agents, DEA Supervisors, and the FBI National Academy. Across the board, from executive to mid-level managers, front line supervisors, and line employees, many who participated in training facilitated by Bob have indicated that it was the best training they ever attended. Bob has been utilized by the DEA as an expert Tactical Witness, and has authored Expert Reports in DEA cases throughout the US.

How is Practicing Perfection® in Law Enforcement different from other leadership type training courses?

The law enforcement industry is in dire need of training that will transform culture, resulting in substantial and sustainable changes in attitudes and behaviors. Practicing Perfection® is an objective-based learning experience that is fast-paced, easy to understand, and simple to implement. PPI Master Facilitators are the finest most experienced human performance / culture transformation experts on the planet. The training curriculum is NOT based upon a single individual’s personal story or take on ‘leadership’. Rather, learning is encouraged through an intense building block curriculum that steps through understanding of both concepts and implementation. It is designed to directly target the challenges currently being faced by law enforcement professionals, providing tangible doable strategies and tactics for overcoming them.

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