Guidelines to Co-hosting a Law Enforcement Course

Guidelines for Contracting a PPI Course

Guidelines to Contracting a Law Enforcement Course 

Contracting a PPI Law Enforcement Course

A requesting agency may host any of PPI's courses by entering into a contract agreement. A minimum of twenty-five (25) participants is required to contract a training course.

There are two types of contracts available through PPI: open and closed contracts:

1) OPEN CONTRACT: An open contract is established when the hosting agency agrees to open the course registration for the training to other law enforcement organizations, with marketing and online registration handled by PPI. The benefit to this type of contract is that it allows the hosting agency to contract with PPI for the minimum course number required and be afforded the opportunity to earn tuition-free seats in the training when the registration exceeds that minimum number (one free seat when 30 paid registrations are reached; two free seats when 35 paid registrations are reached, three free seats when 40 paid registrations are reached, four free seats when 45 paid registrations are reached).

2) CLOSED CONTRACT: A closed contract is established when the hosting agency conducts a course for participants selected by the hosting agency. Under this arrangement, PPI will not “open” the course for outside participants and will conduct no marketing of the course regionally or nationally. The hosting agency is responsible for selecting and notifying each participant enrolled and agrees to provide a course roster to PPI prior to the start of the training.

The primary benefits of contracting a course with PPI include:

  • The training course is guaranteed to be conducted for your organization and is not subject to cancellation (as a co-hosted course may be).
  • The course may be tailored to your agency’s individual needs (upon hosting agency’s request or special requirements).
  • The host agency can experience significant savings in training multiple participants on-site by not incurring individual travel costs (transportation and lodging) when sending personnel out-of-state.
  • The larger number of participants contracted can result in additional discounts for the hosting agency (on per-person tuition costs).

Responsibilities of PPI and Hosting Agency 

The responsibilities of PPI will be to:

  • Advertise the course as part of the 2017-2018 on the PPI web page and other venues as appropriate
  • Provide a course flyer in PDF format that can be emailed by PPI and hosting agency
  • Provide individual training handouts and course-related materials (i.e., binders, name tents, handout materials, portfolios, written tests/scantrons, evaluations, course completion certificates, and other instructional materials as required)
  • Provide course and instructor evaluation forms
  • Pay for all travel costs for instructional personnel (to include airfare, travel insurance, food, lodging, baggage fees and other travel-related expenses)
  • Collect tuition and registration information (for co-hosting arrangement only)
  • Provide enrollment reports (upon request)
  • Cancel the course, in concert with the co-hosting agency, when the minimum registration is not reached within 30 days prior to starting date of the course

The responsibilities of the Co-Hosting Agency will be to:

  • Correspond with area law enforcement executives to encourage participation in the training program
  • Appoint a contact person to recruit personnel for and encourage participation in the training program
  • Contact the chief administrator, commander of training, or other appropriate senior command staff of at least 25 other law enforcement agencies to encourage participation in the training program (at recommended intervals of 120, 90, and 60 days prior to the starting date of the course)
  • Provide the following accommodations/equipment for the training course:
  • Training room/facility that will comfortably seat 50 students and allow for group assignments/discussions
  • Large whiteboard or easel and flipchart paper
  • LCD Projector and large projection screen
  • Power strip for LDC projector and laptop computer
  • Instructor’s podium or table
  • 24”-36” wide eight-foot long display table (for instructional materials/handouts)
  • Tables and chairs seating 50 students
  • Other equipment that may be requested by instructors for specific courses (i.e., VCR, speakers, colored markers)
  • A suggested hotel for Instructors and attending students preferably with a special rate

To request to co-host any training program, please fill out an inquiry form and send to Bob Catinazzo . If you have any questions regarding co-hosting a course, please contact Bob Catinazzo at:
Main: (877) 832-9492