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In 1988 I was developing (and presenting) Operator training programs at a nuclear generating station in Louisiana.  My [highly technical] development tools at the time included pencil, paper, scissors, and tape.

Those of us with keyboard skills knew that having access to a computer would substantially increase our output; however, each time we requested department purchase of a PC, we were told, “It’s not practical.”

We were told that all we [really] needed was…more pencils and paper.

Eventually, we managed to acquire two PCs by contracting with vendors who left the PCs behind when their work was done.

Our department productivity went up by more than 25%.

In 2011, some still think that simply rehashing old “tools” and enforcing more “rules” is the way to take safety and human error rates to ‘next level’ performance.  (Learning how to influence and coach, raising levels of worker engagement, encouraging workers to actually “fix” problems…simply “isn’t practical”)

Recognizing that you have an issue is the first step toward it’s solution. Here you can find Mythical Maids Service of San Francisco. Step two is recognizing that “more pencils and paper” does not an effective approach make.

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