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  • What Celebrity Voice is used in the video?
  • This is the first of a trilogy of videos using the same Celebrity Voice.  What do you think would be the IDEAL Human Performance theme for Part Deux?

We'll be watching and evaluating your entries.  Whoever (1) identifies the correct Celebrity Voice, and (2) has the best idea for Part Deux will be the winner!  Please use the REPLY section below to offer your brilliance!

And, oh by the way, should we choose your idea for Part Deux, you will be given credit in the trailer to the next video!

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  1. Bill Harrington
    2 years ago

    Sam Elliott’s voice, Part Deux needs to be a continuation of why we do, what we do, the way we do it! It needs to be generic to reach the masses and needs to focus on human performance.
    It should have a trap and tool for each of the three items, possibly showing a vague or poorly defined example of why, what and how something is done and then show a clearly defined example of why, what and how?

  2. Tom Chapman
    2 years ago

    Well, based on the previous replies it must be Sam Elliot – but in all honesty I didn’t know that without looking at the other responses.

    I would think that the theme for your next two videos would be the other two precepts that you discuss in your book – Things are the way they are because they got that way and 84-94% of errors can be directly attributed to process, programmatic or organizational issues.

    The first video could center on the choices we make and how moving forward we can chose to create a different path for ourselves or our organization and the second video would explain the concepts of landmines and how it is our responsibility to find these and eliminate them for our people. Thanks – I am enjoying the book.

  3. Greg Bazzell
    4 years ago

    The voice is Sam Elliot (based on the tiotle and author that appears when the cursor is placed over the video screen).

    My idea for a follow-up is to include the #1 item from the Top 3 Challenges to Performance Improvement – Lack of Leadership Support. Maybe use Sam Elliot in a father or “instructor” role with a child/student showing how to perform a simple function. The latter part of the clip would be some time later when the pupil is performing the task with Sam Elliot providing verbal approval (maybe observing the action from afar and then stepping in to provide the recognition and accolades).

  4. Doug Woods
    4 years ago

    Celebrity Voice = Sam Elliott
    Part Deux = How to spot a winner (hard worker) go getter, etc.

  5. Jonathan Elkins
    4 years ago

    My guess on Celebrity Voice is Sam Elliot as well…as for suggestions on trilogy themes/titles, I’m a fan of the Bourne series, so how about…

    Part 2 – The Practicing Perfection Ultimatum [or Supremacy] – Speak to the paramount consequences of not implementing HP Fundamentals in our organizations, this could incorporate a few key topics and themes, like hazard recognition, actively caring, Leadership, etc…to promote sanctity of life, the ultimate reason

    Part 3 – The Practicing Perfection Legacy – Speak to the lasting cultural impacts of maturing HP Fundamentals for the future and beyond, the values, behaviors, and road map to zero events/incidents

  6. Brian Kidd
    4 years ago

    The voice is Sam Elliot.

    The theme could be a follow-on to the fundamental definition of Human Performance: “Why we do, What we do, The way we do it.” is a direct result of how the organization structures and supports work. So use the theme, “Making it easy for people to do the right thing.”

  7. Ed Dyna
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliott
    – how to get out of the way yet still provide the leadership; or
    – creating the environment for employees to lead the way

  8. Stephan Sondregger
    4 years ago

    The Celebrity Voice used in the video is Sam Elliot.
    I think the ideal human performance theme for part deux would be (to go along with letting go of the reigns) keeping employee engagement up for the long haul.

  9. Jeff Court
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliott

    Next topic should be “Shifting the focus from Blame to Responsibility”. Too often when there is an error the focus is on finding someone to blame instead of trying to identify who had responsibilities in the activity and how those responsibilities were not adequately carried out.

  10. Galin Haygood
    4 years ago

    1. Sam Elliott
    2. How to reinforce good behaviors for repeat performances. Rewarding your employees makes a difference!

  11. Chris Lindbeck
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliott. A promo video of Tim’s new book, 6-Hour Safety Culture.

  12. Chris Overman
    4 years ago

    – Sam Elliott
    – Just Culture is a good follow-up to part uno – why we do what we do
    – Or beef, it’s what’s for dinner

    Nice job.

  13. Ron Warner
    4 years ago

    The celebrity voice sounds like Sam Elliott.

    I’d like to see Part Deux talk about proactive accountability, with questions for managers about how they are working with their employees to improve their work systems.

  14. Stephen Hohban
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliot

    Two themes of interest for part two; “Situational Awareness” or learning the tools through “Dynamic Learning Activities”

  15. Danny Kliebert
    4 years ago

    That voice sure sounds like the voice of Sam Elliot.

    The next topic should focus on how we identify and empower the leaders who will drive the focus on human performance. What makes them the leaders that they are and what special qualities go into someone who brings out these qualities in others?

  16. Danny Kliebert
    4 years ago

    That voice sure sounds like the voice of Sam Elliot.

    The next topic should focus on how we identify and empower the leaders who will drive the focus on human performance. What makes them the leaders that they are and what special qualities go into someone who brings out these qualities in others?

  17. Steve McKoskey
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliott is the celebrity voice.

    I would suggest Tim Autrey dressed up like Sylvestor Stalone preaching about the importance of following procedures, your life may depend on it.

  18. John
    4 years ago

    sam elliot

  19. Chris Janusz
    4 years ago

    Trace Adkins

    Practical Use of Error Avidoance tools – tke it form words to what it looks like in a construction seeting

  20. Joseph NOLLENS
    4 years ago

    Very interesting next topic is “self-steering teams” this is the future of our industry and of our workers. It is one of the few HR cases where you have a guaranteed win-win situation
    Best regards Joseph Nollens

  21. Gary Mechler
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliott – Check out one of his first movies, “Frogs”, from 1972.

    How to listen and act on concerns, ideas, comments from front line employees.

  22. Jeff Neubert
    4 years ago

    OK, that is Sam Elliott, everyone will get that! For Part Deux, how about “Failure is not (never) an option! and a message about the importance of getting it right the first time, every time?


  23. James Newman
    4 years ago

    1. Sam Elliot
    2. Using gamification to improve Human Performance

  24. pat mcauliffe
    4 years ago

    The celebrity voice is Sam Elliott – same guy who does the recent ram trucks ads and “beef – it’s what’s for dinner” as well as lots of movies and TONS of TV roles.

    One idea for next theme / topic / jingle: “Perfection – it’s what’s for winners” (as a take off on “Beef – it’s what’s for dinner”).

    OR do one of these videos on the “Myth Busters” part of your schtick.

  25. John P. Kellman
    4 years ago

    The voice is Sam Eilliott. He played in several movies including Barnyard in 2006. In this movie he said, “A strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for others.” This is one example of a leader who positively influences others. It would be a good idea to run with this theme about how viral accountability can be achieved through peer leadership and proactive accountability.

    He also starred in ghost rider in 2006 where he makes the statement, “This is the end of the trail for me. I got nothing left, I could only change one more time and I was saving it for this. God knows I made my share of mistakes. I’ve been trying to make them right ever since. All I can do is hope he sees fit to give me a second chance. “ This could easily lead into a theme of how the choices we make dictate the lives that we lead, how mistakes can be avoided, and how they may not always lead to an event but they may have a negative impact on long term results.

  26. Ramsey Robertson
    4 years ago

    The celebrity voice is Sam Elliot.

    For part 2 here are several suggestions:

    (1) Linking hearts and minds to systems and processes
    (2) Focusing on Strengths and how to build on them rather than focusing on trying to make weaknesses into strengths.
    (3) Why people have different perceptions of and tolerances for risk.
    (4) Linking the factors that result in organizational excellence as the same factors that produce safety excellence.
    (5) Importance of engagement and buy in at the level where the work happens….Supervisors, Foreman, etc.. Leadership at the top is important and it doesn’t yield results unless accepted and applied in the “real world” of field operations, shop floor, or whatever you want to call it.

  27. Leonard Schooler
    4 years ago

    Hello Tim,
    This sounds like Sam Elliot to me. I would suggest part 2 is about “Why we do What we do.”

    Hope our paths cross again soon. I am planning to be at TCC EHS Seminar in Galveston and the Petrochem Refining Summit in Houston this year. When ever you are on the Gulf Coast of Texas, give me a call. I’ll buy you a Starbucks.


  28. Steve Rovin
    4 years ago

    It’s Sam Elliot!
    Run with the “Let go of the leash” idea. I think it’s a critical component to improving performance and giving the individuals in the group or organization an opportunity to feel they are empowered to make the necessary changes. I believe “letting go” is equated by leadership as turning over command and control to the employees (inmates!) and this scares the heck out of them because they can only picture the resulting chaos. Tell about who needs to let go, what they should let go of, what happens when you initially let go (may look like chaos but hang in as it does organize), and what kind of results to except in the short and long term. Additionally, this helps to forward the concept that the workers not only understand what the problems are but also know the best solutions.

  29. Rudy Francin
    4 years ago

    Sam Eliot

    Let’s find and remove the landmines that will destroy our success!

  30. Stephen Hohban
    4 years ago

    It actually does sound like Sam Elliot but was prompted by his name coming up on the screen. Unless Lee Lane is working on a new voice-over, I’m going with Sam Elliot.

  31. John Robinson
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliot’s voice adds a level of intensity to this video. It reminds me of his line “that’s exactly right” from Roadhouse which might be a great topic for your next video. There is little that is more satisfying to humans than being exactly right. It adds validation to our ability while confirming our capability. If all of us could be exactly right every time we should be able to achieve (practice) perfection more consistently…but what is the meaning of being “exactly right?” Hopefully my answer is “exactly right.”

  32. Dave Kilborn
    4 years ago

    1. Sam Elliott

    2. This video focused mostly on precepts 3 and 4, so it only makes sense to dig into precepts 1 and 2 and demonstrate a variety of obvious organizational weaknesses where people get blamed and then come back with “are you tired of the old way of doing things, too?”

  33. Andy Euthon
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliott……………………..

    Has to be something about leadership

    you started with your gonna find what your looking for……….explained that you need to look for something good and get out of the way………follow up with leadership like ” Who do you want them following” Who else but that individual who takes full ownership of his or her actions and who positively influences the behaviors and attitudes of others.

    Third part has to be team/culture/attitude

  34. John Rymer
    4 years ago

    The voice of actor Sam Elliott

    Part 2 theme should be: Human Performance acumen prevents trivial errors from becoming major events impacting you and your organization.

  35. Chuck Elwood
    4 years ago

    Tim, the actor is Sam Elliott. In my opinion the next part should be the Principle Based Mindset, what we allow we teach.
    Focus on attitudes and behaviors, catch people doing the right things, pay particular attention to Drift and Accumulation and be proactive in removing the landmines and roadblocks which get in the way of people doing their best.

  36. Kristin Kehde
    4 years ago

    1. Sam Elliot

    2. Matthew Mcconaughey

  37. David Leuck
    4 years ago

    Celebrity voice: Trace Adkins

    Part 2- motivating people to improve performance

  38. Frank Dunlap
    4 years ago

    1. Sam Elliot

    2. To expect human error and designing systems to defend against the consequences.

  39. D-Mansfield
    4 years ago

    Great video!
    1. What celebrity voice is in the video? Sam Elliott
    2. What human performance theme or message for “Part Deux”? The human Performance path to effective leadership

  40. Carolyn Greenwood
    4 years ago

    1. The voice is Sam Elliott.

    2. Working together to keep each other safe.

  41. Keith Gastrock
    4 years ago

    I think the voice is Sam Elliot’s voice. Very effective!

    I would focus the second video around the tools and system that helps the employees achieve success. If they don’t have a system or the right tools, there’s no way they can get the job done consistently or accurately.

    There’s my thoughts – Good luck Tim!

  42. Rod Stagner
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliott

    Have him do the Precept number two – 84 – 94 of all human error can be directly attributed to processes, programmatic, or organizational issues.

  43. SteveMolik
    4 years ago

    Answer to Question #1 is Sam Elliott.

    Answer to Question #2 The second spot should focus on the power of working as a team to ensure a productive injury free work environment.

  44. Donna Toledano
    4 years ago

    1. What celebrity voice is in the video?

    Sounds like Trace Adkins to me.

    2. We’re planning on doing a trilogy of short videos with this same celebrity voice. What human performance theme or message do you think would be best for “Part Deux”?

    Employees care about not just what is done but how things are done. Give employees the power to make things better for the workplace and the community.

  45. Ken Goldberg
    4 years ago

    Very good video, gets to the point of performance.

  46. Dan Fousek
    4 years ago

    Question 1 Answer: The celebrity voice is Sam Elliott

    Question 2 Answer: Part Deux Theme or Message: Well, it appears you are starting at the beginning of the Fundamentals or Mastery Training, background info. Then you essentially give the laymans definition of human performance. I would create a series of X videos that would walk through that training, highlighting some of the Key Insights. I would also include a line at the end of the second video, “Want to learn more”, and then have your closing credit.

  47. Dene Geary
    4 years ago

    Question 1: The voice on the video is Sam Elliott

    Question 2: A good theme would be just culture. You may be able to use a cowboy theme with Western just culture examples. This would also fit in with Sam Elliott’s voice and movie characters.


  48. Wayne
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliot!

    Part Deux – data overanalysis – why collect data that you can’t even figure out how to use? Talk to the people who do it about what they measure (or should measure) and let them get r done!

  49. Steven W. Nessel
    4 years ago

    Sam Elliot is the voice.
    I think a short video on accountability – self-accoutnability – would be good. Taking responsibility for your actions that lead to respect from others.

  50. Glen Boyle
    4 years ago

    Voice is Sam Elliott.
    For part 2 idea – “Digging up Landmines!”