Alignment, Engagement, and Becoming "One Team"

(Finally...a sane alternative to the dreaded monitoring, observation, and 'coaching' routines!)

The ‘old-school’ approach to enhancing organizational performance and reliability involved an acute focus upon enforcement and reinforcement of…compliance.

Our world has become overrun with “checkmark” approaches, kitschy slogans, and ‘enforcement’ efforts to [supposedly] enhance safety, human performance, quality, and reliability.

After years of cumulative effort, the results are in: such approaches do NOT (and CANNOT) achieve sustainable performance improvement. The FACTS are…

· Giving workers ‘an hour or two’ of training won’t cut it.

· Adding ‘compliance police’ only works when the ‘cops’ are on the scene

· Throwing money away on another ‘database’ won’t come close to ‘fixing’ people

Yet, so many are still seeking (and enforcing) compliance!

In a compliance-based culture, the best level of performance you will typically [ever] get out of an average worker is “meeting” expectations (and even this is generally only true when ‘supervision’ happens to be present).

Think about it- when the posted speed limit on the Interstate (the ‘expectation’) is 65 mph, where do you tend to set your car’s cruise control? Chances are pretty darn good that your rate of travel is something greater than 65 (in other words, you’re ‘breaking the rules’). This is an example of compliance-based behavior.

So here’s the question- 

why do you expect people to behave any differently at work?

The reality is, when it comes to doing the ‘right’ thing (let’s say…at ‘3:00AM’ when no one else is watching), any of us (you and me included) are only going to do so if we…want to.

So, are you truly interested in sustainably and coherently improving performance?

It’s a simple matter of getting employees to want to do the ‘right’ things!

Wouldn't it be great if...

Just think how powerful it would be if there was a simple, ongoing, and consistent process for:

· Reducing the sense of ‘us-vs-them’ between supervision, management, and the front line

· Elevating engagement and sense of ownership

· Aligning behaviors with organization Core Principles

· Developing and reinforcing relationships (in all directions)

· Continually growing a culture of “one team”

· Removing landmines that set workers up for failure

· Removing 'roadblocks' that inhibit efficiency, ruin schedules, and promote violations

Well, there is such a process:

Principle Based Engagement

Principle-Based Engagement™ is a simple approach for engaging and aligning worker behaviors with organizational Core Principles and desired outcomes. It dissolves barriers between management, supervision, and the front line. It evolves your entire organizational approach into functioning as one team. It directly promotes workers doing the ‘right’ things for the ‘right’ reasons.

And the great news is...

No database required!

If you would like more information on HOW you can achieve sustainable behavior change without the expense or after-the-fact time lag of the traditional database approach to “observation and coaching”, complete the simple form below and we’ll be happy to explain it to you.

If you have any familiarity with the ‘old-school’ approach to “observation and coaching”, you’re likely wondering how you can possibly be effective without a database.

The Principle-Based Mentoring™ process is FAR more effective than the ‘accumulate and wait’ old-school approach of observe…enter data…wait for trends.

In fact, we define behavioral change as- “What can be done today that can be seen working today?”

No check sheets!

No 'tricky boxes'!

No database entry!

No worker resentment!

If you’d like a ‘sneak peek’ into how this works, we’ll send you a FREE copy of the Principle-Based Mentor’s Notebook (all we ask is $4.95 to cover shipping & handling). 

Grab one…see for yourself!