“How to Achieve Sustainable Breakthrough Performance by Integrating Next-Level Human Performance with the Latest LEAN / Six Sigma Strategies and Tools”

(The ‘missing link’ to elevating engagement
and minimizing mistakes is finally revealed)

Tuesday, 10:45AM

Dear Colleague:

Have you ever been frustrated with people repeatedly making the same (or very similar) mistakes?

Are you finding it tougher and tougher to get worker attention, let alone increase their levels of engagement while doing their work?

Why is it so tough to get employees to be accountable for their own safety (let alone the safety of their co-workers)?

The truth...

The truth is, all of us- you, me, and everyone you are working so hard to influence are fallible. On any given day, anyone of us can make a mistake. Even the best people make mistakes!

You can have sound measurements and analytics, continually improve your processes, and collectively share insights with others across the entire LEAN / Six Sigma community, and yet you still must contend with an unknown ‘mystery’- human behavior and choice at the point of task execution.

So, then, what are you to do?

If you are looking for true (and sustainable) breakthrough performance, you simply must dive into the ‘human side’ of the equation.

Unfortunately, until now, human behavior, psychology, and motivation have been entirely separate fields of science, and if you (like most LEAN / Six Sigma professionals) love processes and analytics, these are probably not areas of study that excite you and make you feel “good all under”.

Simplicity and Revelation

Over the past 30 years, more has been learned about neuroscience, behavioral psychology, motivation, and how the human brain actually works than in the entire previous history of the planet.

Over the past 10 years, this learning has been put into practical application through an approach to human performance known as Practicing Perfection®. Having been employed within some of the largest organizations around the globe, the results of this approach have been nothing short of miraculous. Examples include:

  • A sustained 87.5% reduction in human error rate
  • A 74.6% reduction in outage-to-outage human error rate
  • A 72% reduction in human error rate in a capital project involving 23 different contract service providers
  • A 70% reduction in union grievances

The Practicing Perfection® approach employs, as Oliver Wendell Holmes put it, “a great deal of simplicity on the far side of complexity.” In other words, the psychology of engagement, behavioral science, and triggers of influence are built in.

All you need do is to learn the simple basics of Practicing Perfection® and then integrate them into your LEAN / Six Sigma efforts to rapidly and sustainably improve performance. This is your path to BREAKTHROUGH.

Finally, it all comes together...

Over the past several years, LEAN / Six Sigma professionals (such as you) have been responsible for major improvements in quality, efficiency, and productivity.

During this same period, Practicing Perfection® has had a profound impact on worker engagement, commitment, and reduction of human error.

FINALLY, these forces are being brought together into a simple and sustainable approach that leverages the best of both. It’s called:

LEAN Human Performance™ is a one-day learning experience designed to offer next-level insights to LEAN / Six Sigma professionals; insights that unravel the human ‘mystery’, integrating built-in triggers of engagement and influence with sound mistake proofing processes.  

Nick Hearne Masco

I've known how to control and predict machine-related problems for a long time now, the human errors on the other hand seemed impossible. Thanks to you, my paradigm has been broken and I have some new tools to work with."

In this learning experience, you will...

Part One (the human element):

  • Learn the difference between content and context when it comes to engaging and motivating human beings
  • Understand what human performance is (and how to influence it)
  • Demonstrate how the “little things” tend to add, setting the stage for disaster
  • Understand the Precepts of Practicing Perfection®- your foundation for next-level performance
  • Become familiar with the Error Elimination Tools™- simple behavioral modifiers that virtually eliminate the potential for human error
  • Grasp a new definition of what it means to be a “leader” within an organization

Part Two (bringing people and process together):

  • Recognize human fallibility and its relationship to mistake proofing
  • Learn the nine types of human errors (and the unpredictability of their occurrence)
  • Understand the four different mistake-proofing effects (sensory, warning, shutdown, and forced control) and their impacts upon mistake detection and prevention
  • Synthesize behavioral Error Elimination with Mistake Proofing to achieve and sustain next-level performance
  • Engage in Practical Application exercises that bring it all together
  • Learn how to facilitate next-level mistake proofing / kaizen events
Kent Peterson Xcel Energy

PPI's human performance training is invaluable to companies, organizations, and teams looking to move to a higher level of operation and group performance. I'm convinced that these principles work, and teams are dynamically changed for the better. I look forward to being part of the team that helps bring a culture change to my company."

For a complete set of learning objectives, CLICK HERE.

Who should participate in LEAN Human Performance™?

Any performance improvement professional employing LEAN and/or Six Sigma strategies and processes within their organization. Quite honestly, bringing the precepts and tools associated with Practicing Perfection® together with LEAN and/or Six Sigma processes is an idea whose time has come.

What’s included with my registration?

When you register, your confirmation email will include links to your pre-course assignments that we ask you to complete prior to your participation in the learning experience.

The pre-course assignments, which consist of a worksheet to complete, some reading to do, and a few online videos to watch, will prepare you to get the very most out of your time at the event.

You will also be sent (*once released) a copy of Tim Autrey’s book, Six-Hour Safety Culture. We will contact you to see whether you prefer a Kindle or hardcopy version. 

At the event you will receive:

Your personal copy of the LEAN Human Performance Leader’s Manual

A copy of the Error Elimination Tools™ handbook

A copy of the Error Elimination Tools™ User Guide

An exceptional experience filled with wisdom, energy, and practical insight

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

LEAN Human Performance™ is a full-day immersion training experience. Your perspectives about human performance (and performance improvement in general) WILL be elevated and energized through your participation.

Your tuition for participation is only $795

No classes scheduled at this time. Please contact us for more information on upcoming events.

NOTE:  Before registering, you may want to scroll downward a bit to see how you may be able to attend your LEAN Human Performance learning experience for FREE.

Professional Development Hours

LEAN Human Performance™ is accredited by the Human Performance Association. Participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded (7) Professional Development Hours (PDH) by the Association. If you desire to formally receive such award, please contact us via email in parallel with your registration.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, please contact us via email or give Cheryl a call at 877-832-9492 / 1-702-331-8391. We look forward to hearing from you!

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