(How to Become a Master of Influence, Implementation, and Sustainability)

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Level Up (How to positively leverage human nature to achieve next-level performance)

PPC - 1702

Level I - October 23 - 26, 2017 in Raleigh, NC

Level II - October 23 - 28, 2017 in Raleigh, NC

"Become Certified in the Most Impactful Human Performance Training on the Planet"

Practicing Perfection Certification® builds upon the strategies and tools given to you in Human Performance Leadership. Providing you with tangible insight into WHAT to do to achieve next-level human performance, PPC Level I peels back layers of understanding to reveal WHY this approach works so well. PPC Level II then offers those who want to teach/facilitate Perfection Certification® practical insights and experience into HOW to do it.

During your participation, you will learn precisely WHAT to do to take the human performance (i.e. safety, quality, productivity, efficiency) of your organization to its next level, and then to its next level, and on to its next.

Level I Certification (4 - Day Curriculum)

Building upon the strategies and tactics provided in Human Performance Leadership during days one and two, Tim Autrey, creator of the Practicing Perfection® approach and author of Six-Hour Safety Culture rolls up his shirt sleeves during days three and four to unveil the “WHY” behind each of the key elements of Practicing Perfection®.

By providing an in-depth understanding of the underlying psychology, Level I Certification builds a strong foundation for professionals and defined leaders seeking to elevate their ability to influence behaviors in a sustainable manner.

Who should attend Level I Certification?

  • Senior business/organization leaders who want profound understanding of sustainable next-level human performance
  • Performance Improvement professionals seeking sustainable breakthrough improvement in safety, quality, efficiency, and/or productivity
  • Defined Leaders at any level desiring to maximize their ability to influence
  • Anyone wanting to play a key role in generating / sustaining next-level performance

What's involved in Level I Certification Process?

  • Prior to attending your Certification Course, we will send you several texts. You will also be given access to the online PPC Membership site, which contains an entire library of video and resource materials. We will ask you to complete a series of viewing/reading assignments in preparation for your scheduled Course.
  • You will fully participate in Human Performance Leadership (Day 1 and Day 2), digesting the strategies and tactics (WHAT to do) of the Practicing Perfection® approach.
  • You will be asked to prepare a five-minute presentation on, “Your greatest current challenge to human performance improvement,” and to give that presentation on the morning of Day Three.
  • Tim Autrey dives deep into the psychology of Practicing Perfection® (WHY it works) in a way that is fun, engaging, and easy to understand.
  • Upon successful completion of the Course, you will receive a graduation certificate, awarding you PPC Level I Certification status.
  • As a Level I PPC Certified professional, you will be granted access to the PPC Level I Membership Portal, where you will have access to the PPC Level I Forum, as well as ongoing updates to Practicing Perfection® strategies, methods, and tools.

What you receive when attending Level I Certification:

​Upcoming Course & Tuition Information:

(We strongly recommend early registration as this event will likely sell out)

PPC 1702 Certification Level I

October 23 - 26, 2017

Embassy Suites Raleigh - Crabtree

4700 Creedmoor Road

Raleigh, NC 27612


PPC 1702 Certification Level II

October 23 - 28, 2017

Embassy Suites Raleigh - Crabtree

4700 Creedmoor Road

Raleigh, NC 27612


This course will be taught by PPI Founder Tim Autrey & members of our PPI Master Facilitator team

Special Discounts:

  • If three or more people attend from your organization, there is a $500 discount per person.
  • If you are already a member of the Human Performance Association, you are eligible for a 10% discount.
  • If you are a full time student, contact us for the Student Rate.

Level II Certification (6 - Day Curriculum)

If you have the passion and commitment to teach/facilitate next-level human performance, Level II Certification provides you with the skills and insights into HOW to do it. You will be given the resources, materials, tools, strategies, and tactics for becoming a highly leveraged influencer.

As a PPC Level II Certification participant, you will complete the Level I (Four-Day) Certification described above, and then remain for an additional two days of interactive facilitator skills immersion training.

Who should attend Level II Certification?

  • If you are a person with a passion for improving performance (and truly care about people), whether your primary focus be safety, quality, efficiency, or productivity, and are interested in leveraging your influence in the classroom environment, Level II Certification is for YOU.

What's involved in Level II Certification Process?

In addition to the Level I (Four-Day) curriculum described above, as a Level II participant, you will participate in an additional two-day immersion experience specifically designed to help you hone your skills and abilities to effectively teach/facilitate the Practicing Perfection® curriculum. These two additional days will include:

  • Indoctrination into the underlying elements of the "backstage" materials used for Practicing Perfection® facilitation- the Instructor Guides, PowerPoints, Exercises, and videos
  • Direct front-line insights from senior PPI Master Facilitators into how to "reach in and grab" the attention and emotions of class participants, thereby maximizing your ability to influence
  • Specific "HOW TO" guidance on maximizing use of the triggers of influence built into the Practicing Perfection® materials and approach
  • Dissection of key Practicing Perfection® exercises, emphasizing critical steps in order to maximize impact
  • How to personalize the PPI training materials to "make them your own"
  • How to deal with challenging participants in the classroom
  • How to make your training fun, entertaining, and educational (Entertainment + Education = Engagement)
  • Your opportunity to personalize a selected topic from the Practicing Perfection® curriculum, and teach it to your fellow participants. You will receive mentoring/feedback from the PPI Master Facilitator(s). Your presentation will be recorded, and the digital file of your presentation will be loaded onto your flash drive for you to take home with you.

For a full list of PPC Certification Learning Objectives, click here

What you receive when attending Level II Certification:

In addition to the materials you receive during Human Performance Leadership / Level I Certification, you will also receive:

  • A full set of Instructor Guides and PowerPoint files for teaching/facilitating the Practicing Perfection® curriculum
  • A full set of Practicing Perfection® Exercise Guides
  • Access to PPI Level II membership
  • A flash drive containing digital files of all of the materials indicated above, plus:
  • A video Clip library
  • Instructional videos of Tim Autrey teaching selected portions of the Practicing Perfection® curriculum (to help you with some of the "fine points" when preparing for your own presentations)
  • Resource files of forms, documents, and templates for use in classroom and field implementation of Practicing Perfection®

PPC 1702 Certification Level I

October 23 - 26, 2017

Embassy Suites Raleigh - Crabtree

4700 Creedmoor Road

Raleigh, NC 27612


PPC 1702 Certification Level II

October 23 - 28, 2017

Embassy Suites Raleigh - Crabtree

4700 Creedmoor Road

Raleigh, NC 27612


Qualification Phase:

Once you have completed the Level II Certification Phase, you will then teach/facilitate selected portions of the Practicing Perfection® curriculum to the satisfaction of your PPI Mentor. Such qualification is most often completed during implementation sessions within your organization.

Once you have successfully completed your presentations, your qualification documentation will be completed, at which time you will be awarded a license by the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc., authorizing you to teach/facilitate the Practicing Perfection® curriculum within your organization for the subsequent two years.

Accreditation and CEC / CEU / PDH

PPI Human Performance Leadership Training is approved by the Human Performance Association, Inc.

In addition, upon satisfactory completion of the curriculum and associated exam, eligible participants can receive the following awards:

[Error Elimination Tools- Situation Based Operational Tools/ PPI_115498_Error Elimination Tools- Situation Based Operational Tools] is recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation as an approved learning activity for which NERC CEHs can be awarded, and [Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc.] adheres to CE Program Criteria.”

*[PPI Human Performance Mastery Training / PPI_115498_PPI Human Performance Mastery Training_09102013] is recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation as an approved learning activity for which NERC CEHs can be awarded, and [Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc.] adheres to CE Program Criteria.

NOTE: If you intend to acquire CEH (NERC), please inform us in parallel with your registration by clicking here.

If you have additional questions please contact Ritu Budakoti at ritu.budakoti@ppiweb.com

About the Trainers

Tim Autrey

CEO/Founder PPI


Tim Autrey is the author of 6-Hour Safety Culture and a recognized thought leader in human performance. Through his ground-breaking approach known as Practicing Perfection® and creation of the Practicing Perfection Institute (PPI), he has helped organizations around the world develop next-level leadership while enhancing safety and reducing human error.

The Practicing Perfection® approach has taken the best-of-the-best tactics and tools from the US commercial nuclear power and airline industries, simplified them, and combined them with underlying triggers and influencers of behavioral psychology to transform worker behaviors in many different sectors.

Tim has been a student of behavioral psychology since his earliest days. He spent over a year of his life underwater aboard the USS Ohio (the first Trident submarine) studying human behavior.

During a twenty-year career in the US commercial nuclear power industry, Tim Autrey orchestrated and achieved major successes in human performance.

Click here for more information on Tim Autrey

Stacey Hefner, PPC

Director - Utility Sector​


Stacey Hefner has spent the majority of her professional career in the safety and health field with the past six years focused on Human Performance.

With a background in Communication and Training, she has combined her skills to assist people and organizations in creating a high performing, safe and healthy work environment.

Stacey is passionate about making a difference in this world and is excited to now be leading efforts through the Practicing Perfection Institute, where she can contribute to the vision of

Event-free, world-wide- one life at a time.

During her 20 year career, Stacey has held several positions in the safety and project management field including; Workers Compensation Coordinator, Safety Specialist, Training Specialist, Technical Trainer and Safety and Risk Manager, Project Coordinator, Project Manager and Utility Director within the Practicing Perfection Institute.

Click here for more information on Stacey Hefner​.

Roger Knisely, PPC

PPI Master Facilitator


​Roger’s curious mind and energetic style have shaped his career into five distinct chapters united by the themes of serving people, building organizations and improving performance. Each career chapter is in an expression of Roger’s evolving personal life mission.

​1. Ordained clergyman, church pastor – 20 years

​2. Therapist in a multi-clinic practice– 5 ½ years

​3. Employee Assistance Consultant – 5 years

​4. Corporate Human Resources (Organization Development) -12 years

​5.Facilitator with Practicing Perfection, Inc. – 2 years

Click here for more information on Roger Knisely.

Nicole Deninger, PPC

Director - Petrochemical & Refining and Government & Defense


Nicole has spent the majority of her professional career supporting military initiatives, both as a soldier and civilian. She began her career as an enlisted soldier, performing as a quartermaster and maintenance technician for chemical and specialized equipment. Nicole credits 8 years of combined service experience in the U.S. Army & Army National Guard as the launch of a life purposed to empower others to overcome circumstance, and to dictate their own goals and outcomes. Nicole has a passion that includes helping people to identify things as they are now, and offers strategies for getting to where they want to be.

Nicole earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations & studied Government at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, and has spent most of her career assisting government & support agencies in developing procedures that reduce costs and gain mastery over essentials by strategically creating alternative resolutions. She specializes in analysis that reveals trends, identifies issues, and proposes opportunities and solutions. Nicole spent more than six years managing government contracts in the Middle East; specifically Baghdad, Iraq and Bagram, Afghanistan and has held key positions under the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) contract which provides contingency support to augment the US Army & Coalition force structure on the battlefield.

Click here for more information on Nicole Deninger

David Galloway, PPC

Master Facilitator, Certified Master Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader

david. galloway@ppiweb.com​

David Galloway has 30+ years of experience in manufacturing and business process leadership.

After graduating from Penn State, Dave enjoyed a long career in the paper industry. He held many leadership positions in all segments of the business – including engineering, research, operations, logistics, quality, and process improvement.

As a certified Master Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader, Dave applied his knowledge in leadership, change management, process improvement, mistake-proofing, lean six sigma, innovation, and mentoring to solve problems and help others be more effective. Most recently, he led a large contingent of Black Belts who completed hundreds of improvement projects. Under Dave’s leadership, over $400 million of cost productivity and revenue enhancement were achieved during eight years of Lean Six Sigma deployment. In addition, Dave’s group was able to remove countless pain points and simplify many processes to reduce non-value added work and the associated frustration.

Click here for more information on David Galloway

Ritu Budakoti, PPC

Director - Education, Training & Accreditation

PPI Master Facilitator​


Ritu Budakoti has spent majority of her professional life working in the education sector. She has the distinction of being honored with the prestigious Gold Medal for academic excellence for her Masters in Botany from HNB University, India. Her passion for knowledge continued and she graduated with Summa Cum Laude securing a GPA of 4.0, successfully completing her Master’s in Education from Keene State College, USA.

Ritu has served as the catalyst for implementation of successful strategies, determining deliverables, and development initiatives, integrated by high-caliber educational cum management skills. Ms. Budakoti developed dependable track records both at national and international levels.

Ritu brings creative design, problem-solving and analytical talents, combined with excellent teaching and learning experience in a cross-cultural environment. She has taught and worked with renowned educators from across the globe. Through her teaching and leading core curriculum at her previous position, she has understood habits of mind and how to enhance learning by using simple and sustainable strategies.

Click here for more information on Ritu Budakoti

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will becoming certified benefit me / my organization?

Our world has become filled with cliché “quick fixes” to complex problems. We’ve become awash with buzzwords, catchphrases, and “slogans of the day”, which unfortunately tend to offer only surface-level lip service in a world too ‘busy’ to get to the root of the real issues. This is especially true when it comes to human performance.

Genuine challenges require critical thinking and depth of understanding. When it comes to human performance however, the last thing you want is to attempt to teach academic science/theory to workforce members who simply desire to get their work done! What’s needed is an approach that synthesizes and utilizes complex underlying behavioral and organizational psychology (getting to the root of the real issues), while coming across as fast, simple, and easy during its implementation. This is precisely the makeup of the Practicing Perfection® approach- to provide a great deal of, as Oliver Wendell Holmes put it, “simplicity on the far side of complexity.”

When helping to implement the Practicing Perfection® approach, our master facilitators provide you, your leadership team, and all of your team members with insights into exactly WHAT to do to achieve and sustain next-level human performance. The complex psychology is “built-in” under the surface. During Certification, we drill down below the “what”, to teach you the underlying WHY(s) behind each of its key elements. We reveal the psychological strategies and behavioral triggers that make this approach so impactful and its results so sustainable.

As a Leader, Level I Certification will greatly increase your ability to influence and effectively interact with the other members of your organization. You will be given the tools (and the understanding of why they work) to become a master of influence. As a trainer / facilitator, Level II Certification will not only arm you with the underlying knowledge and awareness, but provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills as a highly leveraged master of influence within your organization.

Why would I want to attend the six-day (Level II) Certification rather than the four-day (Level I) Course?

Level II Certification is specifically designed for those who want to teach/facilitate the Practicing Perfection® curriculum and facilitate key exercises such as the Code of Honor™. It offers two additional days of interactive classroom immersion training (typically the Friday and Saturday of the Certification week). During the Level II Certification process, you will be given further insights into how to maximize your influence in the adult training environment. You will also have the opportunity to give presentations in a structured setting, while being mentored on your skills.

Why is there "pre-work" for the Certification Course, and what is involved?

Because we want to maximize the value of your time during the Certification Course, we want to put as much energy as possible into the underlying “WHYs” and “HOWs” of the Practicing Perfection® approach. In order to do this, we ask that you and your fellow participants complete a selection of pre-work assignments so that you come prepared with a basic understanding of the “what” involved with this next-level approach to human performance.

Once you register, you will receive a link to your pre-work assignments. Your assignments include:

  • ​Completing your Transformation Conversation worksheet
  • Viewing a selection of online training videos
  • Reading selected Special Reports and Briefings, including, “Viral Accountability®: When ‘Good Enough’ is NOT an Option”
  • Reading designated sections within a set of books that will be shipped to you, including Tim Autrey's book, Six-Hour Safety Culture
  • Preparing a five-minute presentation on your greatest current human performance challenge

In order to complete your pre-work as conveniently as possible, it is recommended that you register for the course as soon as you decide to attend.

NOTE: It can be very beneficial for you to observe a "live" Practicing Perfection® training session (at a PPI client facility) prior to attending Level II Certification. If you would like to observe a PPI Training Session prior to your attendance, please call our office at (877) 832-9492 / 1-702-331-8391 and we will let you know what observation opportunities might be available.

What is the significance of the "PPC" designation?

Human performance is rapidly becoming recognized as the ultimate frontier of performance improvement. While tremendous progress has been made in human error reduction within some industries over the past two decades, it has also become recognized by many that “old school” methods of ‘controlling’ and/or ‘demanding’ specific behaviors is not a sustainable method for improving performance.

The keys to enhancing worker engagement and accountability, and thus improving safety, quality, efficiency, and productivity, lie within the context of “next-level human performance”.

Practicing Perfection® is the most effective approach on the planet for achieving next-level human performance. Your credentials, PPC, gained through this certification process, acknowledge your next-level performance improvement expertise.

Is the Certification Course difficult?

You will find Practicing Perfection® Certification training to be one of the most intense training courses you have ever attended. Our intent is to arm you with as much insight and awareness as we possibly can during out time together. This being said, all of the content is developed to maximize your understanding.

The Certification Course is not intended to be academic. It is practical. As with life, you will get out of it whatever you are willing to put into it. Complete your pre-work, come engaged with critical thinking, a questioning attitude, and a genuine desire to grab as much for yourself as you possibly can. Do this, and you will find the experience to be (1) incredibly enriching, (2) a bit exhausting, and (3) life energizing. You will leave the Course ever-more inspired and committed to do whatever you can to help make the world a safer and better place.

What will becoming "Certified" enable me to do?

Level I Certification will provide you with the best training currently available on the psychology of leadership and influence. When put into proper action, the insights and awareness you will gain during the Course will:

  • Expand your personal context regarding your role as a leader and the opportunities that lie before you
  • Greatly increase your understanding of and ability to influence the behaviors of other human beings
  • Help you to KNOW exactly HOW to achieve and sustain Viral Accountability® within your organization
  • Offer you in-depth insights into the psychology of human error and HOW to effectively deploy (get workers to actually use) the Error Elimination Tools™
  • Give you the tools for engaging and mentoring others based upon principles, thereby aligning your organization and maximizing sustainable upward momentum as “one team”

Upon completion of Level II Certification (both classroom and qualification phases), you will be licensed by the Institute to teach/facilitate Practicing Perfection® curriculum within your organization for two years.

What if we have a large organization and would like to schedule an "in-house" Certification Course?

This is common practice for larger organizations, and can result in substantial savings in per-person tuition. In addition, we will come to you, thereby reducing/eliminating travel costs for your organization. If you think in-house Certification might work for your organization and would like to know more about the process,Contact Us via email, or call Cheryl at (877) 832-9492 / 1-702-331-8391.

What is the refund policy if I need to cancel my attendance for a course that I have already registered and paid for?

If you notify us more than 31 days before the course starts, we will offer you either a full refund (minus 10% for processing fees), or credit toward an upcoming course of equal or lesser value.

If you notify us within 30 days before the first day of your course, we will issue you a credit for an upcoming course of equal or lesser value.

How can I "sell" the benefits of getting Certified to my boss?

Improving safety and reducing human error are no longer ‘luxuries’ or elective ‘soft skills’ for your organization. Far from being simply a means to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, these arenas are now directly related to your viability and competitiveness. In today’s environment, your safety record and human performance outcomes can and will play an ever-increasing role in contract award and evaluation of the worthiness of your firm as compared to your competitors.

At this point, the choice is simple- subscribe to one of the ‘old school’ approaches, which have proven to be (at best) marginally effective and rarely (if ever) sustainable, or do the research on the effectiveness and sustainability of Practicing Perfection®. Unless your boss is two steps from retirement (and doesn’t really care), or is heavily entrenched in ‘old school’ thinking, the results of your research will offer answers that any decision maker should be looking for.

If you are leading from the middle, attending Certification is one of the best means possible for your organization to gain ‘inside knowledge’ of HOW and WHY this approach is so effective. If desired, we can provide you with a list of client references and previous Certification attendees that you may contact. We’ll even help you arrange a benchmarking trip to one of our Client Organizations if you would like.

If you are interested in calculating your Return on Investment (ROI) of reducing human error within your organization, use our online ROI Calculator (the first-ever instrument for calculating tangible dollar return on training in human performance).

For insights on how to influence your boss, watch this video.

If you still need help, you can request a teleconference with Tim Autrey or one of the PPI Directors and your boss / senior leadership team by contacting us via email, or by calling Cheryl at (877) 832-9492 / 1-702-331-8391.

Still have questions? Contact Cheryl via email, or by phone at 1-702-331-8391 / 877-832-9492

PPC 1702 Certification Level I

October 23 - 26, 2017

Embassy Suites Raleigh - Crabtree

4700 Creedmoor Road

Raleigh, NC 27612


PPC 1702 Certification Level II

October 23 - 28, 2017

Embassy Suites Raleigh - Crabtree

4700 Creedmoor Road

Raleigh, NC 27612