More has been learned about neuroscience and behavioral psychology in the past 30 years than in the prior history of mankind. The learning experiences provided by the Academy leverage these discoveries into easy-to-understand and simple-to-execute strategies and tactics for mastering the ‘ultimate frontier’ in performance improvement- human performance.

The Core Curriculum for understanding and achieving Next-Level Human Performance is provided below.

For a full-size downloadable version of the Academy Core Curriculum Diagram, CLICK HERE.

​By expanding participants’ context relative to their roles and their opportunities to make a difference, each Academy course offers simple and sustainable strategies and tactics for improving safety, reducing errors, and elevating engagement and morale, all while maximizing productivity.

​As indicated in the diagram above, learning experiences are available for individual contributors, as well as for performance improvement professionals, supervisors, managers, senior leaders, business owners, and those who want to certify/qualify as facilitators of next-level human performance.

For details on each Academy course (including learning objectives), as well as upcoming course dates and locations, use the links provided below:

-Core Courses-

-Specific Professional Development-

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