Human Performance Basic Training™ iLearning FAQs

What is “iLearning”?

iLearning is PPI’s state-of-the-art online learning platform for providing individual learning experiences over the internet.

The iLearning Course may be accessed using a desktop/laptop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.  The Course can be accessed at anytime from anywhere- so long as internet access is available.

The platform provides complete tracking of participation and results, including leaderboards and completion badges.  Our system can be set up such that the leaderboards and social aspects of the application are private and ‘internal’ to your organization.

In concert with the latest technology, design of the iLearning Course itself engages and entertains to maximize presence and interactivity during the learning experience.  You and your team members will find the experience totally different from previously experienced…quite often [very] BORING…CBT.

Is the iLearning curriculum different than that provided in the classroom version of Human Performance BASIC Training™?

The Human Performance BASIC Training™ ONLINE Course uses the same instructional guidelines and basic learning objectives as the classroom version.

ONLINE participants receive/experience most of the same insights and shifts in context as those participating in the classroom.

One thing that is not possible ONLINE is the group interaction (including group exercises) that occurs with fellow participants in the classroom.

Since Human Performance is social as well as individual, group interaction is an important part of the learning experience. For this reason, when working with you to develop an Implementation Plan, we will often recommend group sessions following each associated individual’s completion of iLearning. During these sessions, the group exercises can be completed, and as appropriate, work team Codes of Honor can be developed.

This being said, if due to whatever constraints, all you can do is the iLearning- when all of your team members complete it, your organizational climate and culture (and therefore your results) will greatly benefit.

Is “iLearning” different from other PPI online courses?

The iLearning Learning Management System (LMS) provides an individual learning experience, including associated records of completion.

Additional PPI ONLINE Courses include Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ and the Human Performance MASTERS Program™, which are components of the PPI Professional Development Series (PDS).

PDS Courses are hosted on the Kajabi platform, a platform specifically designed for professional-level learning experiences.

Is it possible to “preview” the Human Performance BASIC Training™ iLearning Course?

Yes. Promotional discounts are often available, which allow you, as a representative of your organization, to take the Human Performance BASIC Training™ iLearning Course at a “Preview” price. Contact us to see opportunities currently available.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The Human Performance BASIC Training™ iLearning Course is designed to be completed in about four hours. If you need to stop at any time the program saves where you were so you can continue from there.

Are there Continuing Education Credits (CECs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) available for completion of the iLearning Course?


The Course concludes with an examination to ensure key principles and insights have been adequately grasped by the individual completing the Course. Once a score of 80% or greater is achieved, the participant is eligible to receive (3) Professional Development Hours (PDHs), awarded by the Human Performance Association.

How much does the Course cost?

An individual license for the Course, which includes downloadable exercises, handout materials, and access to the Error Elimination Tools™ App, is $179.

Substantial volume discounts are available for organizations registering multiple users.

Depending upon the nature of your organization (geographical diversity, current level of turnover, nature of work, etc.), the iLearning version of Human Performance BASIC Training™ can be used as an alternative to classroom training. One of our representatives will be happy to discuss this with you as an Implementation option.

For info on volume pricing, as well as for organizational setup within the LMS, and how iLearning might fit into your Implementation Plan, use the “more information” form provided below.

Are volume discounts available?

Substantial volume discounts are available for organizations registering multiple individuals. To see how this might work for your organization / current circumstances, use the “more information” form below. We will work with you to help you achieve maximum ROI at minimum investment.

How does Human Performance BASIC Training™ iLearning fit into a Performance Improvement implementation scheme?

iLearning can play an extremely valuable role within your initial and ongoing organizational Performance Improvement Plans.

It can be used for:

  • Initial onboarding
  • Initial onboarding while waiting for the next classroom session
  • Refresher Training (recommended once per year) for team members who have previously completed classroom training as part of organizational Implementation
  • Just-in-Time training in preparation for upcoming tasks or evolutions

Where deemed appropriate based upon geographical or other constraints, iLearning can also be used as part of your initial Implementation Plan in lieu of the classroom version of Human Performance BASIC Training™. We will work with you to determine the viability of this option.

How can I get more information?

Simply complete the form below, and we will get in touch with you directly.

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