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Individualized Human Performance Training
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Your Fast, Simple & Easy Human Performance SOLUTION

For Growing Engagement, Accountability, and Ownership 

FINALLY- an alternative to ‘hit-or-miss’ expensive time-sucking HU/HP/HPI/HPT/HRO/HOP classroom training!

AND- this REVOLUTIONARY technology-based approach has proven to have greater retention than equivalent classroom-based training.

Adaptive to any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer), the Human Performance BASIC Training online learning experience is available 24/7, anywhere internet access is available.

The format is FUN. 

The content is INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING.


You and your Team Members will learn HOW to…

  • Make fewer mistakes
  • Better understand yourselves and others
  • Demonstrate SAFER BEHAVIORS
  • Have greater ENGAGEMENT and OWNERSHIP
  • Grow a mindset of “one team with one goal”
  • Choose to do RIGHT things in RIGHT ways for the RIGHT reasons

Offered in a sequence of quick-hit Episodes, your Human Performance iLearning experience is PERFECT for:

  • Virtual work teams
  • Initial Human Performance Training
  • Error-reduction and Next-Gen Safety Improvement Training
  • Just-in-Time Training
  • New Team Member Onboarding
  • Supplemental Workforce Human Performance Training
  • 24/7 Operations
  • Geographically-Dispersed Organizations
  • HU/HP/HPI/HPT/HRO/HOP Refresher Training

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Meet Your Facilitators…

Dean Sinclair

Dean has been wholly committed to performance improvement since the day he was born- especially the human side of the performance equation. His life’s mission is to inspire others to do what inspires them. He does so by facilitating courses (such as this) on human performance. He speaks around the world, offering his unique perspective on reliability, efficiency, productivity, and safety to senior leaders, mid-level directors, managers, and supervisors, as well as to those who actually do the work. Dean’s philosophy is- as long as humans are still involved in getting things done, human performance (properly understood) lies at the CORE of all performance. He resides in Quantum with his dog, his life-long pal- Fritz.

Nick Romano

Nick has been ‘addicted’ to watching and studying human behavior since the age of ten.   His life’s mission is to inspire others to THINK, FEEL and DO different. He facilitates courses (such as this) on human performance. He speaks around the world…24 hours per day… offering his unique perspective on WHY we do WHAT we do the WAY we do it.  He has mentored executives, senior leaders, small business owners, mid-level directors, managers and supervisors, …as well as those who actually do the work. Nick’s philosophy is- human performance lies at the CORE of all performance (that is- as long as humans are still involved in getting things done). When he’s not on the road, he hangs out in Etherville with his dog, his best bud- Brownie.



Nick’s version includes an option to use closed-captioning if desired.


ACT 1 Intro – (NICK)

ACT 2 Intro – (DEAN)

Sample Content (DEAN)

“Most ‘training’ sessions are very drab, but NOT this one! Love the concept of ‘WHY’. This is so simple but also so effective.”

Augusto DiMaria – Engie, North America


Human Performance iLearning provides an individualized learning experience. You will be prompted to THINK different, FEEL different, and DO different, doing your part to help grow a working culture of One Team with One Goal having One Conversation.


Short engaging Episodes use stories to grab feelings and reinforce insights. Interaction offers active experience with and reinforcement of concepts.


Underlying messages are designed to align individual “WHYs” with organizational “WHYs” (Core Principles)


the Responsive Platform works beautifully on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.


Uncovers positive intrinsic aspects of human nature, prompting proactive engagement and sense of purpose.


Reinforcement of essential learnings is included in each Episode, as well as a final exam to validate internalization of key insights.


Episodes are accessible 24/7 anywhere internet access is available.

HU Basic iLearning Episodes

Act I: Why / WHO

  • Episode 01 – Content vs Context
  • Episode 02 – Human Performance
  • Episode 03 – The Key to Your Future
  • Episode 04 – Influencing Others
  • Episode 05 – Your Team (Part 1): The Foundation
  • Episode 06 – Your Team (Part II): One Team. One Goal. One Conversation

Act II: What / HOW

  • Episode 07 – Mistakes and Consequences
  • Episode 08 – TRAPS, Landmines, and Roadblocks
  • Episode 09 – Your Primary Offense
  • Episode 10 – Your Primary Defense
  • Episode 11 – Working With Others
  • Episode 12 – Being the LEADER

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