What does “human performance” mean to you?

Most organizations who’ve begun to tread this performance improvement pathway either refer to “HPI” (Human Performance Improvement), or “HPT” (Human Performance Technology).

Whatever you call it, any effective organizational effort to modify human behavior involves BOTH technology AND psychology.

The technology piece includes everything from processes and procedures, to software and data collection, to person-machine interface (known as “human factors” in the US), to physical barriers (think poka yoke) and layers of defense.

Psychology includes mindset, context, accountability, ownership, behavioral tools, motivation / engagement, and ultimately…work culture.

When it comes to dollars, most organizations seem to find it much easier to spend money on technology.

$1.5 million for a new corrective action software program? No problem.

Invest $200K for training to get team members to think (and therefore act) differently- no way!

Apparently, many seem to think that the right technology can “fix” people. It can’t.

Without proper team member mindset and context, no amount of money spent on performance improvement technology can possibly get you to your next level.

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P.S. The great news is- people don’t need fixing. For a Special Report on HOW to achieve one team, one goal, and one conversation, click here.

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