Historian Will Durant often wrote that despite tremendous growth in knowledge over 5,000 years of human history, wisdom is little changed.

Small wonder.

The latest research in neuroscience reveals that 90 percent of the thoughts each of us has every day are the same. And 70 percent of these thoughts are negative!

Same thoughts. Same choices. Same actions. Same behaviors.

Multiply this by 7.7 billion souls on planet earth- history repeats.

We talk much about THINKing different, FEELing different, and DOing different.

When it comes to your influence, what you DO is what holds the power.

Wanna be a positive force in this world?

Here’s HOW in one simple step:
Simply BE the change you want to see (thanks Gandhi).

Here’s WHY this works…

Who you “are”, revealed by WHAT you do and HOW you do it, interjects energy into the world.

It impacts everyone around you.

Doing ‘right’ things for ‘right’ reasons puts forth positive energy.

Your positive energy, your ‘example’, prompts others to THINK, FEEL, and DO different.

To use a metaphor, it’s no different than ‘lighting your candle’.

Others can see it.

‘Light’ is attractive. Most will WANT it.

Your ‘candle’ will light another, which is used to light another…and another.

Negative energy can be quickly eliminated.

THIS is how we change the world.

Until next time, thanks for your positive energy.
It IS helping make our world a better and safer place-
one candle (one life) at a time.

If you’re looking for a GREAT book to read here’s a recommendation: Everybody Matters. It was my BEST READ during 2019.

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