Hosting a Practicing Perfection® Course

You can partner with PPI to host any of the following PPI Courses:

Benefits of hosting PPI Training Courses include:

1. Significant savings in training your personnel at your facility through elimination of travel costs, lodging, per-diem, etc.

2. Tuition-free participation for some of your participants. The number of your organization members who may participate tuition-free is based upon total paid enrollment:

30 paid participants (1) FREE Seat
31-35 paid participants (2) FREE Seats
36-39 paid participants (3) FREE Seats
40-45 paid participants (4) FREE Seats
46 or more paid participants (5) FREE Seats

3. A strong statement of support for the members of your organization and for Next-Generation Performance Improvement.

4. Recognition amongst your industry peers as a LEADER in Performance Improvement.

How it Works…

You provide appropriate facilities in which to conduct the Learning Sessions, and agree to use your existing networks to promote paid registration for the event(s).

We provide you with online marketing support, as well as pdf materials you may duplicate and send to prospective registrants.

If you think hosting might be of interest to you, use the button below and submit your information. We’ll give you a call to discuss details, and to see how we can work it out to your best advantage.

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