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Hosting a Practicing Perfection® Course

The Practicing Perfection Institute (PPI) offers agencies and organizations the opportunity to host any of our courses at a discounted price.

Partner with us to host any available PPI courses, onsite or live virtually

How it Works…

Training at Your Facility:

You provide appropriate facilities in which to conduct the Learning Sessions, and agree to use your existing networks to promote paid registration for the event(s).

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Our devoted human performance professionals at PPI can customize and deliver cost-effective virtual instructor-led training that will inspire and engage all participants. 



Conference and Event Appearances

PPI can also schedule customized training presentations of varying lengths designed to be integrated into Management Conferences, Breakout Sessions and similar events.

PPI instructors will come to your location on date(s) you choose, or conduct a live training (virtual classroom) from our in-house studio, for your personnel — as well as personnel from the surrounding area if you choose to invite others.

We provide online marketing support, as well as pdf materials you may duplicate and send to prospective registrants.

Bridging Generational Gaps

In this fast-paced interactive workshop, you’ll gain tremendous insight about yourself and others- about different generations… different worldviews, mindsets / perceptions.

HUMAN Performance Basic Training™

A step-by-step learning experience to expand context, develop Proactive Accountability®, and inspire BEHAVIORS aligned with organizational Core Principles.

Human Performance LEADERSHIP™

A focused learning experience, designed and facilitated specifically for those who want to achieve and sustain next-level performance.

Breakout topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Behavior Based Safety
  • Error Elimination Tools
  • Viral Accountability
  • Human Performance
  • Performance Improvement
  • Human and Organizational Performance
  • How to Get Team Members to Do the Right Thing When No One is Looking

Benefits of Hosting PPI Training Courses:

1. Significant savings in training your personnel at your facility, or live virtual classroom. Eliminate travel costs, lodging, per-diem, etc.

2. Tuition-free participation for some of your participants. The number of your organization members who may participate tuition-free is based upon total paid enrollment.

3. A strong statement of support for the members of your organization and for Next-Generation Performance Improvement.

4. Recognition amongst your industry peers as a LEADER in Performance Improvement.

25 paid participants (1) FREE Seat
26-31 paid participants (2) FREE Seats
32-40 paid participants (3) FREE Seats
41-46 paid participants (4) FREE Seats
47 or more paid participants (5) FREE Seats


If you think hosting might be of interest to you, use the form below and submit your information in the form below. We’ll give you a call to put a plan together for you and your organization.

Have Specific Questions?

We’re here to serve you- to help you sustainably raise personal and organizational leadership, performance, and results to levels simply not achievable through old-school thinking or methods.

Quite simply- we are here to help you transform culture in a manner that helps make our world a better and safer place.

Should you have ANY questions about the Human Performance Summit, the Next-Gen approach to [truly human] Performance Improvement, or if you just want to talk (about anything at all)…

Let us know using the form to the right.  We’ll reach out to you directly.

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