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The Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Tim Autrey.

It’s purpose?

To promote the achievement of a very profound vision-

Error-free world-wide- one life at a time.

Functioning as the director of the Institute, Mr. Autrey has fashioned together a core team of professionals who are wholly dedicated to the Institute and its ideals. Together, we are doing everything possible in every way possible to stop human error.

What do we believe?

  • We believe that human error can be stopped.
  • We believe that it is possible for organizations to practice perfection.
  • We believe that the precepts of Practicing PerfectionTM are the foundation for the elimination of human error in every type of organization.
  • We believe that the precepts of Practicing PerfectionTM represent a huge part of the next step in the evolution of business itself.

By doing everything within our power to educate, to promote, and to implement error-slashing strategies within organizations of all types, we are fulfilling our mission:

  • To save lives
  • To keep people from getting hurt
  • To prevent physical and environmental catastrophe
  • To improve the economic health of every organization with whom we work

What’s our history?

Our founder, Tim Autrey, spent the last twenty years working within the commercial nuclear power industry. During this time, he filled roles that were on the cutting edge of human error reduction. He developed and implemented programs to train operators on error-free nuclear reactor operation. He rolled these philosophies, strategies and tools to all facets of nuclear plant engineering, maintenance and operations.
He took the helm of the human error reduction efforts for the second-largest
fleet of nuclear plants in the United States.

To learn more about Tim Autrey, click here.

Over the past ten years, the commercial nuclear power industry has had phenomenal success at eliminating human error. This progress has been reflected by increased capacities, enhanced safety margins, lower industrial accident rates, and (consequently) [much] greater profitability. For more information on the successes of the commercial nuclear power industry, click here.

Through his extensive experience, Tim Autrey developed a passion for the elimination of human error. He knew that the hundreds of millions of dollars invested within commercial nuclear power to reduce human error could benefit
other industries. He knew that the strategies and tools that he used and developed
within that industry could be adapted to organizations of every size and type.
He knew there was…

A much bigger picture.

By adapting the tools and strategies associated with Practicing PerfectionTM, medical errors can be stopped. Transportation errors can be stopped. Industrial accidents can be stopped. Chemical spills can be stopped. People can stop being killed. People can stop being hurt. Incredible efficiencies can be gained. It’s all possible. And it can all happen quickly when brilliant minds focus on making it happen.

Yes, Tim Autrey knows there is a much bigger picture. That’s why the Practicing Perfection Institute was established.

What lies ahead?

Practicing PerfectionTM is an idea whose time has come.

This is a movement- a movement to make the world a better and safer place. Through our Certification Program, as well as through all of our efforts to provide education and services to stop mistakes within organizations world-wide, we will attract and develop a cadre of professionals who share our uncompromising optimism of human and organizational possibility.

The precepts of Practicing PerfectionTM are taking hold. Our staff, together with the professionals who will join the movement and the minds of all those who believe, will, over time, move our vision closer and closer to fruition. It is with this knowing and this intention that we have pledged our hearts and our energies.

Error-free world-wide- one life at a time

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