Here’s the question:

WHY do people continue to make mistakes?

You’ve invested time. You’ve invested energy. You’ve trained people. You’ve encouraged people. You’ve probably even threatened people. And yet…human error continues to happen.

Fortunately, most mistakes are relatively minor, and have little (if any) consequence. The thing is, statistics reveal that if you don’t learn from your smaller mistakes (and take action accordingly), larger more catastrophic errors will eventually occur. It’s only a matter of time.

It’s a tough one…

The psychology of human error is incredibly complex. Your workplace is very dynamic. There are a huge number of variables coming into play at any given moment.

Until now, you’d have had to spend a fortune (in time, energy, money, and resources) to figure out the WHY’s behind mistakes (which is why most have continued to just ‘live with them’).

All of that has changed. There is now an answer.

It’s called the Performance Enhancement Matrix™ (PEM).

PEM is a secure online database that affords you the opportunity to quickly and easily document and code all types of mistakes and occurrences- from near misses to significant events.

With PEM, you don’t have to be a database expert. You don’t have to be a Corrective Actions expert. You don’t even have to be a human performance expert.

Data entry is quick. Coding is simple and easy to understand. And the most important part…retrieval of very useful information is a snap. For example…

      • With a couple of mouse clicks you can identify the single biggest trap that has set you up to make mistakes in any given area during the past week, or month, or…whatever time period you would like.
      • Or maybe you’d like to know which aspect of human performance is causing the most errors in the clinical area? Simple.
      • How about determining the specific types of actions that are leading to the most first aid cases? No problem.

It’s all possible. It’s all simple. It’s all PEM.

PEM allows you to easily learn from the ‘small stuff’ so that the catastrophic stuff never happens. It’s a small investment with a HUGE return.

What’s more, finding and fixing the causes of the smaller errors will add directly to your bottom line, make your operations run more smoothly and efficiently, keep people from getting hurt…and make for a happier healthier workplace.

Isn’t it time you considered the benefits of PEM for your organization?

For more information on PEM and how it can serve you, Contact Us Now


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