Error Elimination Tools™ User Guide


The Error Elimination Tools™ have proven to greatly reduce the incidence and severity of human error when used.

The key is getting people to…use them.

Tools handbook user guide website picThe Practicing Perfection® Error Elimination Tools™ User Guide provides a step-by-step roadmap for implementation, reinforcement, and support of the Error Elimination Tools™ within your organization.

It does so using the Practicing Perfection® approach; meaning- it details how to promote and support discretionary use of the Tools within your organization, rather than attempting to force “compliance”.



The Error Elimination Tools™ User Guide includes the following:

  • A flow-charted implementation plan, including initial rollout, as well as methods for ongoing support/reinforcement
  • Roles and Responsibilities of key organization members relative to sustainable use of the Tools
  • Detailed guidance for each of the Error Elimination Tools™, including:
    • WHY the Tool is used
    • WHEN the Tool is used
    • HOW to effectively use the Tool
    • Observation & Coaching Tips
    • Specific Tool-related Behaviors to watch out for
  • An additional set of Manager Tools for maximizing Manager effectiveness in support of the Tools
  • An additional set of Supervisor Tools for maximizing Supervisor effectiveness in support of the Tools
  • Sample forms/checklists, including:
    • Pre-Job Briefing Checklist
    • Observation/Coaching Card
    • Post-Job Critique
  • Glossary of Terms

The Practicing Perfection® Error Elimination Tools™ User Guide can essentially function as your turnkey solution to implementation and reinforcement of Error Elimination Tool™ usage within your organization.

It is recommended that every Supervisor (and above) within your organization be provided with their own copy of the Error Elimination Tools User Guide™.  The User Guide is a 146-page bound manual with full-color cover.


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